CNA Qualifications

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What basic qualifications are required to become a CNA ?

Trained personnel who look after the ailing and sick patients under the strict supervision of registered nurses in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, home health settings or any other long term health care facilities are known as CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant. They are also known as orderlies, patient care technicians, state tested nurse and many others.

CNA Qualifications

There are certain qualifications that are essential for CNAs to possess, before working professionally in any health care unit. These CNA qualifications are listed below:

  • CNA training: The primary qualification for a nursing assistant is to complete the accredited CNA training program of 75-150 hours, consisting of classroom and clinical hand-on training, as per specific state and federal requirement from any of the vocational school or community college in your state. During this training, the aspirants are given a thorough training about the basic nursing and clinical skills, such as taking everyday bed side care of patients, general nursing cares, medicinal needs, counting measuring of pulses, grooming them, nutrition and infection control and so on.
  • CNA Certification: After the completion of the training program, one need to clear the competency evaluation tests, which consists of written and practical examinations. The certification is offered after passing the CNA certification exam, which also allows them listing with specific state nurse aide registry and legal working permission in different health care centers.

However, in order to receive the certification, they need to possess a high school diploma or GED, clear the criminal background check and the scholars should not have any kind of communicable and infectious disease.

The above two qualification was very much essential for a nursing assistant to work in a professional manner in any hospital or long term medical care unit.

Some of the other qualifications and qualities necessary for the nursing personnel in order to execute their job proficiently consists of effective communication skills, empathetic behavior, physical as well as mental stamina and so on.

CNA as a career opens up a wide range of job opportunities for the aspiring nursing assistants. CNA qualifications will allow them to work smoothly throughout their career along with lucrative salary packages for them. With such qualification, they can also continue their education and opt for the RN, LPN, Masters, Specialty and PHD degrees, certificates and diplomas.