The Basic Skill Set Every Good CNA Needs to Have

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A job such as that of a CNA can be a demanding one, and usually comes with serious responsibilities that put the life of another in their hands. This is why just having a certificate is not enough; CNAs should make sure they have the necessary skill-set that every good CNA must have to be able to provide the best level of care.

The Basic Skill Set Every Good CNA Needs to Have

Understanding of Basic medical procedures

CNAs are required to carry out procedures like taking blood pressure, administering medications, and keeping track of vital signs. They also need to keep patient charts up-to-date, and keep track of meal intake. Any unusual changes right down to the patient’s mood must be recorded and reported.

Basic first-aid skills

Patients under a CNA’s care might have a fall or certain injuries because of their health state and medical conditions and age, and so they need to be proactive, taking care of their needs and acting quickly in tense situations. They should be able to provide the immediate care the patient needs at such a time keeping their individual conditions in mind so that the problem does not accelerate by the time a nurse or doctor can have a look.

Excellent care giving skills

CNAs are required to carry out a lot of personal tasks for the patients such as bathing, shaving, dressing, giving meals, oral care and personal hygiene duties, among others. A CNA must be completely comfortable carrying out these duties and must not let the patient feel embarrassed or conscious.

Well-organized and able to multi-task

Since so many different jobs come under them, CNAs should be well organized and should be able to keep track of all patients and their needs. This job requires long hours and constant care, and certain records, patient’s charts and medical histories need to be maintained. They also need to keep the patient’s own personal space uncluttered and well-organized.

The job of a CNA is a serious one, and a bit of slacking off can have huge repercussions as it is a sensitive area of practice. This is why every CNA must be vigilant and should make sure they develop this basic skill set to go along with the expertise they gain during their certification courses.