Traveling CNA: Job Description and Salary

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Now-a-days, there is also an enormous demand for a traveling CNA in the medical sector. A traveling nurse aide serves the needs of the patients located at different destinations. The job duties and responsibilities of traveling certified nursing assistants are similar to nurse aides, working in clinics and hospitals. The only difference is that they have no particular work location and scheduled work timing.

Traveling CNA Job Description and Salary

Traveling CNAs have to report to the places, whenever the medical team calls them, whether at night or day.

Job Description of a Traveling CNA

A traveling nursing assistant performs the following duties:

  • Helping the patients in exercising and walking.
  • Conducting vital tests that include measuring pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature, basal metabolic rate, etc.
  • Observing the physical health of the patients and reporting any change to the in-charge nurse.
  • Assisting the patients in their routine activities, like bathing, brushing, combing their hair, feeding, etc.
  • Taking care of nutritional needs of the patients.
  • Administering medicines on regular time intervals.
  • Answering the patient’s call.
  • Maintaining hygiene in the patient’s room.

Pros and Cons of Being a Traveling CNA

The job of a traveling nurse aide has its own advantages and disadvantages.


  • As a traveling certified nursing assistant, you can advance in your career at a faster pace and earn more money.
  • This profession offers great opportunities to work with big healthcare organizations.
  • You get chance to travel to several places in the country.
  • Working in the same working environment might irk you. But, these professionals visit many places and get exposed to different social culture. This makes your work interesting.
  • They can earn good incentives and bonus.


  • Your career enhancement gets hampered. As you will have to travel a lot, you will not get enough time to attend training programs for attaining higher positions.
  • Most of the time, you ought to remain away from your home. It may cause home-sickness.

Salary of a Traveling CNA

Traveling CNAs earn a very high salary as compared to other nurse aides. Apart from good incentives and bonus, they can also enjoy free allowances, like insurance and medical facilities, accommodation facility, travel allowance, meal facility, etc. The overtime payment of these professionals is 1½ times the normal income of certified nursing assistants. The hourly wages ranges from $13 to $15 and the annual pay varies from $25,000 to $30,000.

Reasons for the Difference in the Salary of a CNA and a Travel CNA

  • The nature of work of both the professionals is quite different. In any uneven condition, travel CNAs have to take decisions on their own.
  • As they have to travel from place to place, they receive several types of allowances.
  • They have to provide patient care 24X7.