How to Verify Your CNA License?

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Verification of CNA license is essential to ensure that your certificate has not lapsed yet and is still valid.  During the credentialing/ verification process, the qualification and records of a nursing assistant is checked. This article will help you in getting acquainted with the verification procedure of a nurse aide certificate.

How to Verify Your CNA License

Important Information about CNA Credentialing

  • Nursing license remains active for 2 years only.
  • It’s necessary to renew the certificate, after every 24 months.
  • Submit an application for renewal and associated fees, 30 days before the expiry of the license.
  • Always contact the nursing registry of that state from where you have completed your certification, as other states will not carry your information, until and unless, you don’t transfer your license.
  • In order to get the certificate renewed in some states, you require either a proof of completion of specified number of Continuing Education Units (CEU) or a proof of completion of in-service training.
  • Sometimes, you may have to submit a work certificate to prove that you have been employed as a paid nursing assistant for 2 or more years.
  • You can’t work as a CNA after 30 days of expiry of the license, until your certificate gets renewed.
  • In case, when your license has not been renewed for more than 2 years, you ought to re-submit the criminal background and physical test report, along with retaking the training.

Procedure of CNA License Verification

Step 1- Search the telephone number and address of the registry office and licensing authority of your state. For this, log on to the website of Nurse Aide Registry and put the name of your state in the search engine. This will display the contact information.

Step 2- Check whether your state provides online verification system or not. If your state offers such facility, you can check the verification status of the certificate via online.

Step 3- In case, your state does not provide online verification system, visit the registry office in-person. Don’t forget to carry certain information about the certificate, like the issue date, license number, etc. If this information is not available with you, submit a copy of social security card (as it is registered against you name at the time of issuance of CNA certificate).

Step 4- Pay the verification fee, which differs from state to state.

Step 5- You can obtain the renewed nursing license by two ways- the certificate may be posted at your residence address and you will get it within 2 weeks or you can receive it via email. The printed hard copy contains the original seal of the licensing authority, so it’s best to obtain it through post, instead of email.

Step 6- Take the help of an independent organization to check the status of your verification, if you are not able to visit the local licensing office.