CNA Recertification: Guidelines and Process

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Renewal of your nurse aide certificate is known as CNA Recertification. It is mandatory for all the nursing assistants to renew this document, after specified time duration, in order to continue working as a CNA.

CNA Recertification Guidelines and Process

When Do You Require CNA Recertification?

Nursing assistant recertification is required in any of the given below situations:

  1. If it is get expired due to your failure to renew it on time.
  2. If you fail to meet the recertification criteria, specified by the Nurse Aide Registry of your state.
  3. If you want to shift to another state and that state doesn’t have reciprocity arrangements.
  4. If you fail to fulfil the certification pre-requirements of the concerned state.

Requirements for CNA Recertification

Certified nursing assistants are ought to meet the following criteria to get recertified:

  1. In the duration of the past 2 years, the nurse aide must have render services for at least 150 hours. (The duration varies from state to state).
  2. A document proving that you are a citizen of US.
  3. The nurse aide must not have any criminal conviction against him. If he does, he has to submit a proper declaration of the felony charges. If he does not inform the board about such allegations and find guilty during the background check, his name will be removed from the state’s nurse aide registry with immediate effect.
  4. Some states recertify you, only if, you undertake a training session of specified number of hours, every 2 years.

CNA Recertification Procedure

Step 1- Find out the Prerequisites

Find out the requirements for recertification in the state, where you are currently working or want to shift in future. Most of the states require that CNA certificate must be renewed, after every 2 years. In different states, the time requirements are also different. Various states charge penalties to get recertified, in case you exceed the allocated time frame.

Step 2- Obtain the Renewal Form

The actual process initiates when you submit the duly filled recertification request form to the state’s CNA Registry. Four months before your certificate is due to expire, your state will send you this form. Any change in your address must be notified to CNA Registry of the respective state, as the renewal form will be send to the address mentioned in the registry.

In case, you don’t receive the form within 3 months before the certificate is due to expire, directly contact the nurse aide registry. Submit the duly filled form.

Step 3- Routine Background Check

Nursing assistant registry will conduct a background check, during the process of recertification. If you are alleged of any felony, report it to the registry. Any criminal charge against you will put the renewal process in jeopardy. The process will get completed quickly, if you have no legal difficulties.

Step 4- Verification of Continuing Education

To regain the certification, some states may require that you complete continuing education or additional training of specified hours. You will have to submit the document proving that you have successfully completed the mandatory training hours.

Step 5- Check Your Status of Renewal

Generally, it takes 2 weeks in the processing of your recertification request. Some states allow you to check the renewal status, online.

What if you have not worked as a Nurse Aide for over 2 years?

Different states handle this situation in different manner. Some states will recertify you, if you re-take certified nursing assistant training classes. After re-taking the CNA program, you will have to again qualify the certification exam. Other states may not require that you attend the nurse aide programs again, but will ask you to pass the certification examination, once more.