CNA Duties for Personal Care Services

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A Certified Nurse Assistants are nurses who are trained as caregivers. It is their duty to not only care for the patient, but also to maintain their privacy and to report their everyday condition to their supervisor. It is very important to check that the CNA is certified, has a license number and is allowed to practice by a health care centre.

CNA Duties for Personal Care Services

Duties of a CNA

When it comes to Personal Care Services, a CNA’s duties are related to a person’s health. CNAs mostly assist elderly and disabled people and help them in the following areas:

• Medical Care

CNAs duties include making sure that the patient takes his/her medicine on time, measure vital signs, collect specimens for laboratory tests, schedule appointments with the doctor and sometimes even accompany the patient to the hospital.

• Assistance

Due to disabilities it is hard for the patients to dress themselves, which is why CNAs help them out. They also assist patients to move around, and help them in getting in and out of bed.

• Hygiene Care

It is hard for people with mental and physical disabilities to take a bath, so CNAs give people assist them so that they remain clean. Other hygiene related duties include helping the client in shaving, brushing teeth, clipping nails, combing hair and assisting people with incontinence problem.

• Companionship

Elderly and disabled people usually don’t have anywhere to go and are confined in their homes. A CNA gives them company, interacts and laughs with them to help them keep busy. Furthermore, they do activities together like watching TV, reading books, going to a local park or simply talking.

• Housekeeping

Housekeeping duties of a CNA includes making the patient’s bed and organizing his/her things. A CNA usually cooks specialized food especially if the patient has to follow a certain diet due to diabetes or lactose intolerance.

The job of a CNA is extremely gratifying and pays well. One must keep in mind that in order to be a nurse a person should have qualities like compassion, empathy, genuineness and unconditional positive regard for the patient.