CNA Resume Cover Letter for Easy Job Short Listing

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CNA Resume Cover Letter for Easy Job Short Listing

What is a CNA Resume Cover Letter? Why Cover Letter is important for a CNA Job seeker? CNA Resume Cover Letter is a written document that is submitted by a certified nurse aide job seeker to the employer or hiring manager of health care facility, along with the CNA Resume. In a way cover letter is application for the posted job.

CNA Resume Cover Letter for Easy Job Short Listing

But, you may be wondering, why cover letter must be forwarded along with the resume? If that is your dilemma, you must understand that your cover letter has very important role to play in your job search. The selection criteria of a candidate depend on the articulation of your letter. The reason being, an employer or hiring manager receives many job applications and he being a busy person, do not have enough time to go through each and every resumes in detail.

Now, what methods are used by the hiring manager to short list the resume of the candidates for further interviews? The best possible way used by him is to go through CNA Resume Cover Letter one after another and seek information and qualities that are essential for the jobs from the letter.

Further, cover letters are prepared in most concise way, where important details are furnished in a precise manner. Such short descriptions of qualities and career aims can be read over quickly by the hiring manager and if he/she thinks the information offered suits the posted job; he goes through the resume of the candidate, short list and calls him/her for the interview.

Therefore, by understanding these facts you must give special attention to articulation of your job application letter because it is the cover letter, which can urge the employer to read your resume that may result in your job short listing. The reason being the cover letter collaborate your skills with the qualities needed for the posted job and it also shows that you are proficient in performing various types of CNA job duties.

You must also remember that your resume cover letter can be termed as a tiny replica of your resume. The resume furnishes the details in a professional way and provides information about your contact details, all skills and qualities, educational background, objective and others in most explicit way. The letter also shows your willingness for the vacant job position.

Your cover letter must also make you a distinct personality, a candidate different than other job applicants and most ideal for the posted job. It must be written in such a professional way that the employer or hiring manager gets impressed by it and read your resume in detail to short list you for the job.

Further, you must also note that the cover letter is documented in the file of hiring manager and, as it records your contact detail and other information, it becomes easier for the hiring manager to contact you for the interview immediately or for any vacancy in the future date, where your qualities are needed.

It is also the corporate culture, where you just do not mail your resume and other needed documents for the job individually. The corporate style says that you must write a cover letter showing your keenness for the job and mention the enclosed needed documents, such as Resume, CNA training certificates, educational certificates and other papers that are being forwarded along with the cover letter.

Hence, it is vital that you articulate your CNA Resume Cover Letter in most proficient manner to attract the attention of the employer.

CNA Resume Cover Letter Sample

Ruby Redford
Huston, Texas, 77037
Date: 26th April, 2011.


835, West 69 Street
Carlisle MA 01741
(214) – 304 5125
Dear Ms. Lisa Robert

Please refer to your health center website job advertisement for the position of a nurse aide and accordingly I am forwarding my CNA Resume for your considerations.

I need mention here that with the knowledge and skills gained from my certified training program and experience gained from working in Sunny Valley Health Clinic, Houston, Texas for 3 years, I can be the most ideal candidate for your posted job.

I am well versed with the CNA duties of routine nursing cares, basic nursing cares, restorative care procedures and mental health cares. My proficiency in communication and interpersonal skills can be added advantage to your clients for executing my responsibilities and for communicating with disable patients.

In addition, I was also loved and cared by the residents under my care due to my compassionate nature and humble behavior.

The enclosed CNA Resume can furnish further details of my qualities and skills in most explicit way, which you will find corroborating to the skill desired by you for your vacant position.

I hope, my resume will be to your complete satisfaction and look forward for your Interview Call.

You can contact me at or call at (325) 325-5471

Best Regards,
Sincerely Yours,
Ruby Redford


  • My CNA Resume
  • Training Program Certificate
  • Working Experience Certificates