Is an Accelerated CNA Program as good as a Conventional One?

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Do you want to complete your CNA coursework in a very short duration? If yes, enrol in accelerated CNA programs. An accelerated nurse aide training covers the similar curriculum as traditional training, but the obvious advantage is that it completes in a less time period. Students, having good study habits and quick learning skills, can perform better in such programs.

Is an Accelerated CNA Program as good as a Conventional One

Key Features of Accelerated CNA Programs

  • These training classes finish within 2 weeks.
  • Students have to attend the classes 5 days per week, for around 6 hours every day.
  • Daily attendance is necessary.
  • The cost of both traditional and accelerated nursing assistant courses is similar.

For Whom Accelerated CNA Programs Are Best?

  • Quick learners.
  • Candidates not engaged in any sort of employment.
  • Committed and dedicated students.
  • Employed persons, who have an extended leave of absence.
  • Students, who can handle pressure.

How Accelerated CNA Program is Different from Conventional One?

  • Duration

Conventional course takes four to six weeks to finish, while accelerated program completes within two weeks.

  • Coursework

Compared to conventional training curriculum, the coursework of accelerated training is compact and inclusive.

  • Part-time Availability

Accelerated programs are not available part-time. If you are currently engaged in a job and want to pursue this course, it might affect your schedule. On the other hand, conventional courses are also available part-time and can be pursued along with continuing a job.

Educational Prerequisites for Enrolling in Accelerated CNA Programs

The pre-requirements are as follows:

  • Age of eighteen years.
  • GED or a high school diploma.
  • Driving license or photo ID card of the respective state.
  • Aspirants are required to attend an information session.
  • Students are ought to submit proof of medical immunizations and a criminal background report.

Program Curriculum

The curriculum of accelerated nurse aide programs is similar to traditional training and is divided into theoretical and practical portions. Some of the topics covered in the training are:

  • Infection control
  • Medications
  • Medical terminology
  • Medical disorders
  • Clinical externship
  • First aid and CPR
  • Patient care basics
  • Patient rights

Fees and Tuition

Depending on the type of institute you enrol in, the program cost may vary from $400 to $1000. Some schools and colleges also offer training at discounted cost. Financial aid, in the form of loans and scholarships, are also provided by some institutions.