Sample CNA Resume Cover Letter

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The skyrocketing need for high standard of living has made the medical field a booming sector. The competition has also increased in this field. Several thousand nursing assistants apply for a job, each year. In order to sell your individualism, it’s vital to create a well-crafted CNA resume cover letter. It helps in showing your uniqueness to the potential employer.

Sample CNA Resume Cover Letter

Tips to Remember While Writing CNA Cover Letters

Here are some tips that you should remember while creating nurse aide cover letter.

  • Never write the content of your resume in the form of a letter.
  • In the cover letter, include vital details, such as your interest (geriatric, pediatric, etc.) and special abilities.
  •  Create unique cover letter for each job application.
  • Avoid using words, like ‘Gentlemen’ or ‘To whom it may concern’.
  • Try to elucidate your enthusiasm for the position.
  • Long cover letter is considered as unprofessional. So, keep it brief and crisp.
  • Before sending, proofread it and ensure that it is free from grammatical mistakes.
  • Pay attention to your language. It should be impressive.
  • Don’t forget to thank the employer for paying consideration and devoting time to your application.

Sample Cover Letter

Mireya C. Bell
Head of Department
Ashland Care Center
1700, Furnas Street,
Ashland, Nebraska- 68003

Elizabeth R. McCarty
8640, Hoods Mill Road,
Cleveland, Georgia- 30349

Dear Mr. Simon,

While reading the newspaper today morning, I came to know about a vacancy for the post of CNA at your healthcare center. I want to submit my candidature for the similar. After reading the job description for the post, I feel my qualifications and skills well match with it. I am ready to relocate for the job.

I have a deep desire to help the patients, caring attitude, an inherent ability to remain calm under emergency conditions and a strong academic background in nursing. I have acquired some experience during my 8 months internship. I am well-versed in assisting the patients in their routine activities and providing them the best care.

For your in-detailed reference, I am enclosing my resume. If get an opportunity to work with your healthcare centre, I promise to render my duties and responsibilities with utmost ardour. I assure you that I will provide valuable contribution to enhance the reputation of your organization.

I hope you will mull over my resume favourably. You can contact me at (412) 358-4863 or by mail at to schedule the interview. Thanks a lot for your time and consideration.

Elizabeth R. McCarty

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