10 Reasons Why Being a CNA Is a Great Career

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Being a CNA is one of the most respectful careers. Besides providing you the satisfaction that you are contributing for the welfare of the society, this job also provides you several other opportunities and benefits.

10 Reasons Why Being a CNA Is a Great Career

Here are the 10 solid reasons why being a CNA is a great career.

  • An Opening to a Noble Profession

Nursing assistant is considered as the noble profession. This career requires a great commitment towards the human health care with compassion, honesty and devotion. This profession is honoured throughout the world.

  • Rapid Growth

As the population of aging and elderly people is increasing, the demand for certified nursing assistants is also growing at a fast pace. Eighteen percent increase in the job opportunities for these professionals by 2018 is forecasted by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS).

  • A Good Career without Earning a Degree

The best reason to opt for this career is that you don’t require any high education or degree for becoming a nurse aide. You just need to acquire a diploma in high school or GED for pursuing this profession. The duration of training is also very short. It means you can get prepared for this rewarding career within a very little time.

  • Good Career Advancement Alternatives

Being a nursing assistant is a stepping stone for various advance positions in the medical field. After acquiring some work experience and completing higher education, you can move to higher designations, like Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Nursing Home Administrator, Geriatric Care Manager, etc.

  • Handsome Pay

Due to shortage of nurse aides, the healthcare facilities easily pay high salary packages to hire them. The average hourly wages that CNAs can make ranges from $9.31 to $12.21. The median annual income is between $17,691 and $31,207 (as per payscale.com). Moreover, the salary depends on your experience and the type of healthcare setting, you are working in. These professionals also get other benefits like paid medical insurance, vacations, and good overtime.

  • Several Working Options

The job of a CNA is not limited to working in the hospital or clinic premises only. They get chance to work in several settings, like hospice, day care centers, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, long term health care facilities, residential care facilities, etc. You have the liberty to select the medical facility, where you want to work.

  • Job Flexibility

This career provides you the job flexibility. Besides choosing the working alternative, a nurse aide also has the option to choose his/her working hours. You can also go for the full time job or work on an hourly basis.

  • Knowledge and Experience

While working as a nursing assistant, you acquire valuable experience that helps you in the long run. Once you develop the requisite skills and knowledge, it becomes easy to grab the knowledge of other advanced medical programs and progress your profession in the medical field.

  • Integral Part of Health Industry

As a CNA, you become an vital part of the medical industry and earn respect, fame and cash. Zthe person get aware about thousands of medicines. You gain experience under the supervision of nurses and doctors. It will take your career to new heights.

  •  Secured Future

The job of a certified nurse aide is recession proof. Despite of fluctuations in the economy, the demand for these workers never goes down. Splendid growth opportunities always remain available for nursing assistants.