How Can a CNA Handle Patients Effectively

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A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is responsible to provide patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse. Certified nursing assistants work in a health care setting like a nursing home, hospital, rehabilitation center, or an adult day care center; where they have regular contact with the patients.

How Can a CNA Handle Patients Effectively

A CNA is regularly involved in patient care; therefore it is essential for them to understand how to effectively handle patients in order to provide quality care to them.

Empathize with the patient

Patients can be difficult to handle because they can be frustrated, upset, or frightened, because of sickness. A CNA should understand the feelings of the patient; he or she should actively listen to the patient’s complaints. A CNA should express concern for the patient’s feelings and respond promptly.

Keep a Positive Attitude

A CNA’s job is very demanding and at times demoralizing also. A CNA’s job is to care for patients and help them; therefore, a CNA should be attentive to every patient’s needs. It is important for a CNA to go to the job with a positive attitude and a smiling face every day.

Be Prepared for Difficult Patients

It is not unusual for a CNA to encounter an angry or a demanding patient; therefore, a CNA should know the tactics to handle such patients. A CNA should first understand the reason behind anger or aggression of the patient and try to resolve the problem.

In any condition, a CNA should try to remain calm and avoid negative language. If it is impossible to handle any such situation for a CNA, he or she should report it to the nurse immediately.

A CNA faces a lot of ups and downs in his or her professional career. Being a CNA, you should be a little more resilient and keep reminding yourself why you decided to become a CNA. With careful listening, compassion and empathy, a CNA can overcome all these challenges.