How To Become A CNA While In Nursing School

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A lot of people who aim to become CNAs have dreams of going on to be LPNs or RNs by completing the proper degree programs. A lot of these people are also already enrolled in such programs and studying to be licensed nurses. However, they are considering getting certification to become CNAs so they can keep working at the same time as they study, and also gain some hands-on experience in the field.

How To Become A CNA While In Nursing School

Why It Is A Good Idea

This is a good way to go about it as most employers are more encouraged to hire you as a nurse if you have sufficient experience as a CNA. Working as a CNA also means you can do much better at your studies and later in your career as you will be working in the medical field and in the actual environment of a hospital or a clinic, which will give you a lot of good exposure and experience with patient care. Plus, you can be earning at the same time which will help you pay for your RN courses with much more ease.

How To Go About It

First of all, you will need to finish at least one semester in your Nursing course to be eligible for certification. This will give you enough knowledge and skills to be able to pass the exam for certification. You should then contact your State Nurse Aide Registry and/or State Licensing Board, or go a department of public health website for your state and fill out the application forms available here for certification.

After they review your qualifications and determine if you are eligible, you can sit for the exam and get your license. You can then apply for a CNA job, and mention that you are studying to be a licensed nurse which should better help you secure a job.