How to Get Your CNA Registry Card If You Lost It?

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CNA registry card is the proof that you have passed both the skills and written test and your name has been placed on the respective state registry. If you have lost your CNA registry card, you should get it soon by sending the replacement/duplicate registry card request.

How to Get Your CNA Registry Card If You Lost It

Procedure to Get Replacement CNA Registry Card

Step 1- Call Board of Nursing of your state and inquire about the requirements to get a replacement nursing assistant registry card. Note down the complete address, where you have to send the request.

Step 2- Write a letter to Board of Nursing of your state, requesting replacement CNA card. Along with your full name, telephone number and address, also provide your nurse aide registry number and social security number, if you have.

Step 3- Find out whether your state accepts the replacement request, online. If yes, ask for a reassess of this process and how to find the online application. Some states allow you to download a PDF form of the application from their websites. Get it printed and mail them, after filling it completely.

Step 4- Replacement cards are available free of cost in some states, while other states may charge as much as $25 (as of April 2011) per duplicate card issued. Attach a money order or cashier’s cheque of the requisite amount along with the application, if your state requires so.

Some Points to Remember

  • Depending on your State Board of Nursing and method of request, it may take up to 8 weeks to acquire your card.
  • When you obtain the replacement card, get 2 or 3 copies of it. Keep the original card in an accessible and secure location. Always carry a copy of the card with you.
  • Notify any change in your address or name to the nursing board of your state, within thirty days. Inaccurate name or address will complicate matters to seek a nurse aide card.