How to Prepare for a CNA Job Interview?

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You might feel nervy and jumpy, while going for a CNA job interview for the first time. An interviewer tries to judge the skills and qualification of the interviewee and find out whether the applicant is fit for the job or not. So, it’s essential to give your best for getting the job. This article will help you in preparing for the nurse aide job.

How to Prepare for a CNA Job Interview

CNA Job Interview: Some Quick Success Tips

  • Preparations

Before appearing for the interview, do the following preparations:

      • Collect information about the venue and schedule of the interview.
      • Ask the name and designation of the contact person.
      • You should have a current resume, copies of current CNA certificate, a copy of job listing (if available), references from previous patients or employers and a recent TB test result.
  • Practice the Interview Questions

There are some standard nurse aide interview questions, which are asked by several employers. So, practice these questions. It will assist you in boosting your confidence and minimizing your worry.

The general questions that are asked during certified nursing assistant job interview are:

      • Why you consider yourself as the best for the CNA job?
      • What is the most enjoyable about being a nurse aide?
      • What is the worst part of being a nursing assistant?
      • Do you know how to measure vital parameters?
      • Do you have any past experience?
      • Why did you quit your past job?
      • What are your career goals after 5 years from now?
  • Grooming

Don a casual attire, while going for the interview (men can wear collared shirt and trousers, women can put on skirt or trousers with a formal shirt). Rather than athletic shoes, wear leather shoes. Hair should be neatly groomed. Tattoos and body piercings should be minimized. Women must not wear jewellery.

  • Show Confidence

Make your entry in the interview room with a confidence. Maintain a proper eye contact while interacting with the interviewer.

  • Be Polite and Honest

At the time of answering the interview questions, be honest and polite. Don’t be too quick in responding to the question; instead, take some time to congregate your thoughts and then reply. Use common courtesies, such as, thank you, you are welcome and please.

  • Speak Clearly and Avoid Slangs

Speak clearly, while facing the interview. Unclear articulation reflects lack of confidence. Use proper terminology, rather than slangs.

  • Ask Questions

At the end of the interview, you will be offered a chance to solicit the questions from the interviewer. Ask questions, as it will reveal your enthusiasm and passion for the job.
You can ask the below given questions:

      • How many employees are currently working with you?
      • How long is the probation/training period?
      • How many patients you will have to take care for, during every shift?
      • What career advancement opportunities are available here?

Hope, these tips will reduce your anxiety and help you in cracking the interview.
All the best!