The Factors Affecting CNA Pay

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Certified Nursing Assistants are paid well, but what factors affect the pay you can receive? Your ability to negotiate, as well as your skill level and selection of your employer all have a great impact on the potential salary you can receive as a CNA. Experience, as well, of course plays a roll. It’s important to be realistic about what you are worth in order to maintain job satisfaction and manage your finances properly.

The Factors Affecting CNA Pay

You need to negotiate to receive a proper salary; this is a maxim across industries, it does not just apply to certified nursing assistants. A CNA certification is the basic qualification and you will not, however, have much leverage when it comes to negotiations. That said, it’s still important to negotiate for a starting salary which is in line with the standard for your area. In order to boost your salary you must take more nursing courses. When these are complete, don’t avoid talking to your employer about a raise. Many people are apprehensive because they do not want to make their employer angry, but in order to gain respect you must request raises.

Employer Selection
Just because you are a CNA, that doesn’t mean you will earn very much if you don’t select your employer carefully. Hospitals are by far the best place to work in terms of getting the highest relative salary amount. Nursing homes, by comparison, pay much less for often the same amount of work and certainly the same amount of general knowledge. Yes, there are greater responsibilities at hospitals, but in terms of hours worked the two positions can be very similar.

Choice of Location
The city and state in which you work as a CNA is very important. Moving just across state lines can have a dramatic influence on your salary, either up or down. If you can get a cost of living raise for more expensive areas — and find a way to live affordably there — then it’s better to take a job in a more popular city. However, not all cities within a state are more expensive because many are incorporated into a state. The state itself could cost a lot to live in; in this case your salary won’t be higher.