Alabama Board of Nursing

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Board of Nursing Alabama is located in 770 Washington Avenue Suite 250, Alabama and its mailing address is P. O. Box 303900 Montgomery, Alabama 36130. If any individual, nursing professional or student can contact them on: Phone: (334) 242-4060 or Fax: (334) 242-4360. Their Toll-Free No. is: 1-800-656-5318 and email

The primary mission of AL Board of Nursing is to work for the safety, health and welfare of society and public by approving the competent and qualified individuals through different means, such as licensing, evaluation of their competency and others. The board also adopts and set legal standards for, working nursing professionals nursing practice and nursing education for RN, LPN, CRNP, CRNA, CNS and CNM.

The board also has the responsibility to regulate, manage and maintain AL State Nurse Aide Registry for working CNAs.

The Al Board constitutes 13 Board members that are well qualified and competent to serve as mandated by the Nurse Practice Act. It is the duty of these board members to review regulations pro­posed to board, make policy decisions, and take disciplinary actions on those nursing professionals that are responsible for violations and violates the law. The Board also oversees licensing procedures through examination, endorsement, and rein­statement.

The basic motto of the board is to approve values, such as Integrity, Fairness, Objectivity, Quality, Collaboration, Innovation and Diversity, by respecting varying perspec­tives, cultures, and ideas.

The basic function of the Al Board of Nursing is to offer below given services:

  1. Exam
  2. License Endorsement
  3. License Lookup
  4. Online Subscription Service
  5. License Verification
  6. Reinstatement of Licenses
  7. Advanced Practice Applications
  8. Name and Address Change
  9. Frequently Asked Questions
  10. Pro-rated CE Chart
  11. Renewal for Actively Deployed Nurses
  12. Request for Duplicate License
  13. Reactivation of Retired License
  14. Applications Denied by the Board
  15. Criminal History and Prior Disciplinary Action

The board also examines and review the written complaints received by it. During FY 2009, the Board reviewed 25 to 75 disciplinary cases. These disciplinary cases consist of suspected or actual substance abuse, low quality nursing practice, and acts of fraud, while applying for the licensure.

The board also provides Consumer Complaint Form for recording the violation details of the complaints. A consumer, who is victim of such violations can attach copies of relevant documents and submit them to board as Report of Possible Violation for further disciplinary actions.