Arizona Board of Nursing

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Board of Nursing Arizona has the responsibility to see that the nursing professionals meets the standards of practice and are competent enough to offer safe and quality health care. It is also the function of the board to provide approvals for licensure, registration and certification. The board also oversees and approves educational programs for nurses and nursing assistants throughout the state of Arizona. They also investigate complaints relating to licensee’s compliance with the law and Nurse Practice Act and take disciplinary actions if the complaints are found to be violation of Nurse Practice Act.

The board meeting decided the necessary disciplinary actions against the complaints after investigations. The meeting also conducts businesses, such as reviewing potential statute or revisions of the rule related to nursing practice and regulation. The guidelines for education program standards, reviewing other committee reports and recommendations and approving advisory opinions are the basic agendas for the board.

It must also be noted that the Arizona State Board of Nursing’s Online Verification system is a free service for the licensees, employers and the public.

The basic services offered by the Board of Nursing Arizona include:

  1. Online Verification
  2. Licensure and other Applications
  3. Contact
  4. Multi-State Licensure
  5. Nurse Practice Act implementation
  6. Disciplinary Action Review and action
  7. Resources for Education
  8. Advanced Practice Guidelines and resources

For Certified Nursing Assistant

  • CNA Application by Endorsement or Examination
  • Renewal Application for CNAs
  • Lapsed/Expired Certificate Questionnaire for CNAs

Licensures and other application for:

  • Registered Nurse & Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Certified Medication Assistant
  • Advanced Practice
  • School Nurse

Further Forms, which can be downloaded includes:

  • Affidavit Regarding Social Security Number
  • Affidavit Regarding Lawful Presence Documentation/Social Security Number For Foreign National Applicants Living Abroad
  • Waiver of CNA Education for Military or Foreign Graduate and Nursing Student
  • Primary State of Residence/Change of Address Declaration Form
  • Instructions for Fingerprint Card
  • Name Change/Duplicate License/Certificate Request
  • Revoked, Denied or Voluntary Surrendered License re-issue
  • Citizenship and or Lawful Presence Cover Sheet/Alien Status Declaration/Lists A & B

The contact details of Arizona State Board of Nursing:

Arizona State Board of Nursing
4747 North 7th Street, Suite 200
Phoenix. AZ 85014-3655
Phone (602) 771-7800 Fax (602) 771-7888
Home Page: