Georgia Board of Nursing

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Board of Nursing Georgia comprises of 8 members, who are appointed by the Governor. It is the responsibility of these members for the regulation of RPN and APRN. The board has the representation from 7 registered professional nurses and one consumer member. The members oversee, develop and regulate rules and regulations for the nursing practice standards and education, set the minimum qualifications for licensure, and investigates and implements disciplinary process for the practice violation.

All Board meetings are mostly held at the Office of Secretary of State, Professional Licensing Boards Division office, which is located at 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, Georgia. Public are allowed to attend the meeting procedures. The dates, time and location of the meetings are posted on the Board website. Any consumer complaints or other complaints can be submitted in writing to the office.

It must also be noted that substantial increase in the practice of unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) for offering direct patient care services have been found in most of the health care settings. The practice by unlicensed individuals may result in a risk or jeopardize the public safety thus, the GA Board of Nursing has promulgated rules and regulations for certain nursing practices, where certain tasks must be assigned by Registered Nurses to UAPs.

The Board of Nursing provides online services and downloads forms on the following fields:

  • Licensure information, such as duplicate license, licensure by Endorsement, Online License Renewal
  • Online Applications for Board Approved Schools
  • Check the licensure application status
  • · Application for Licensure by Exam – local, state, national and International Graduates
  • Application for Licensure by Repeat Examination
  • Application for Licensure for Authorization (APRN)
  • Download Forms
  • Application for Reinstatement
  • Fees schedule
  • Cease and desist orders
  • Change of Address
  • Board Updates
  • Background Check and Finger print check
  • APRN information
  • GBON Approved Nursing Education Program Directory
  • Roster Request Form

Georgia Board of Nursing has specifically laid down rules and regulation for the following categories:

  1. The general requirements of Organization and Administration
  2. Officers, Meetings and Duties
  3. Nursing Education Programs
  4. Licensure Exam
  5. License Endorsement
  6. License Reinstatement
  7. License Renewal
  8. Fees
  9. Standards for Practicing
  10. Advanced Nursing Practice Regulation
  11. RN Protocol
  12. Procedural Rules