Maryland Board of Nursing

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Maryland Board of Nursing is the state government nursing regulatory agency established by law to protect the citizen of Maryland by regulating the practice of Nurses in the state of Maryland. The board member represents both members from nursing profession and public. Members are appointed by the Governor.

The mission of the Board is to offer safe, quality and competent care to Maryland public and society and, MSBN continuously strive for better and safe health of its citizens and society by approving the competent and qualified individuals to practice. It is the responsibility of the board to set and adopts legal standards in Maryland for working nursing professional’s nursing practice and nursing education, so that safe quality care can be provided through licensure, certification, education and practicing must bear accountability for public protection.

Thus, Nurse Practice Act, Health Occupations Article, Section 8 governs the Board of Nursing. The board has also been authorized to adopt rules and regulations for carrying out the stipulations of the law. It has been mandated to regulate the practice of RNs, LPNs, nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, nursing assistants, CNAs, medication technicians, and electrologists.

The MSBN also has the authority to review, investigate and initiate disciplinary actions on these licensee that are responsible for violations of  their practice and the law.

MSBN offers online information on nursing license requirements for LPN, LVN, RN, and other Nursing licensing. Facility for all RN/LPN licenses and CNA certificates renewal can also be availed through online site.

The basic services and information offered by the Maryland State Board of Nursing include:

  • General Licensure Information
  • Licensure By Endorsement
  • Licensure By Exam (NCLEX)
  • Complaints & Investigations
  • Fees Scgedules
  • License Verification
  • Change Of Address/Email
  • On-Line Initial Certification Application
    On-Line License & Certification Renewal
  • Nursing Licensure
  • Nursing Assistant Certification
  • Medication Technician Certification
  • Certified Medicine Aides
  • Nurse Practice Act & Regulations
  • Advanced Practice Nursing
  • Nursing Education / Scholarships
  • Discipline & Rehabilitation

Maryland Nurse Aide Registry is also regulated and maintained by MSBN and an applicant, nurse aide or CNA can avail below given information from the board:

  • Nursing Assistant Certification
  • Certification Status & Renewal
  • General Information About Nursing Assistant Certification
  • How To Be Certified As A Nursing Assistant
  • Nursing Assistant Training Programs
  • E-Mail The Board

The contact detail of Board of Nursing Maryland is as follows

Board of Nursing Maryland
4140 Patterson Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland, 21215-2254
Board’s website