Colorado Board of Nursing

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Certified Nurse Assistant

A certified nursing aide is a health care expert, who performs the role of assisting the registered nurses in their daily routine activities in several nursing and medical care establishments. Moreover, to legally operate as a certified nursing aide, you must complete a featured and approved training; also effectively succeed the state accreditation examination.

Majority of the health care educational curriculums instruct the scholars about the several nursing and health care issues, mainly incorporating:

  • Fundamental nursing skills.
  • Medical terminology.
  • And Medical concepts.

In few of the medical care training programs, or furthermore when a supplementary learning is requisite, training will help the learners to study the requisite techniques to be used for adequate body and individual care, including cleaning up, feeding, brushing their teeth and aiding them to properly dress up.

State Board of Nursing, Colorado

The state board of nursing is a private company, classified beneath certified health care services, like hospitals, clinics and several long term health care facilities. The state board of nursing employs a working nursing care staff of around 16 employees.

Board Meeting

All the members of the state board of nursing, Colorado meet every quarter in the month of January, April, August, July, and October. The meeting organized by the state board is open for the general public also, though portions might be organized in private clogged session. After the nursing board has organized its business in the closed session then subsequently, the meeting will recommence in open session and the general residents are asked to rejoin the meeting.

Responsibilities of State Board of Nursing, Colorado

The state board of nursing, Colorado, is authorized to control and manage the nursing and health care profession with the help of several programmed standards formulated for accreditation and practiceAlso, the Colorado board of nursing formulates several principles and strategies, to make the medical and nursing care profession more practical and inventive.

The state board of nursing, Colorado is also responsible for directing and controlling the functions of state nurse assistant registry, Colorado. Additionally, all the nursing and medical care training schedules offered by numerous colleges and universities all over the state of Colorado are directed and managed by the Colorado state board of nursing. The board also watches that only the efficient and qualified nurse aides are accredited and scheduled on the state nurse aide registry.


The state board of nursing, Colorado has obliged the aspirants to obtain an official certification before operating as a health care professional in several nursing and health care centers. Several licensing options provided by the board are listed underneath:

  • Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Retired Volunteer Nurse
  • Licensed Psychiatric Technician
  • Certified Nurse Aide

Verifying Certification

The state board of nursing, Colorado also, helps to verify the licensure of a professional nurse and health care expert.

With the help of an Automated Licensure Information System Online (ALISON), information about all the careers and professions is accessible to the general inhabitants. The online search permits you to acquire the basic certification and disciplinary facts about the persons and associations accredited by the state board of nursing and moreover with the training courses offered within the division.

Registration Online Documents is a technique, that offers the several scanned credentials related to the disciplinary measures taken on the licensees of Colorado, to the general public. Provisions, final agency orders, and also temporary abrogation which were in existence in the month of February 2000, along with any that turned out to be effectual from that date, are amongst the documents, which are presently obtainable.