Virginia Board of Nursing

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Chapter 30 of Title 54.1 of the Code of Virginia has established Board of Nursing Virginia to ensure that Virginia citizen receives safe and competent patient care from licensed health professionals, regulate minimum standard for standards of practice and offer needed information to health care practitioners and public. The Board tries to achieve these goals by taking effective steps to investigate and take actions on these disciplinary actions without sacrificing public safety.

The VA Board of Nursing consists of thirteen members representing various nursing field and citizens. The Board includes:

  • Seven Registered Nurses, including one that must be a Licensed Nurse Practitioner
  • Three Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Three Citizen Members.

The term of Board members are four years and the Board meets and elects president, vice-president and a secretary from its members each January. If needed, they schedule such meetings to perform duties authorized to it. One officer and majority of its member can form the quorum to conduct any business at the meeting. The administrative officer of the Board can call special meeting on written request from two of its members. The administrative officer of the Board must be a registered nurse.

The prerequisite for appointed professional nurse include:

  • Must be a US citizen.
  • A resident of this Commonwealth
  • Graduated from a state board of nursing approved educational program.
  • Licensed as a registered nurse in this Commonwealth.
  • Must posses minimum 5 years experience in nursing, nursing administration or teaching in a nursing education program
  • 3 years professional nursing working experience proceeding to appointment or reappointment.

Each Board appointed licensed practical nurse must posses above qualification, in addition of graduation from a high school or the equivalent.

Incorporated nurses associations need to submit three manes to Governor as Nominations for each professional vacancy. The Governor notifies about professional vacancies to these organizations, except expiration vacancy. Though, Governor is not bound to elect from among the nominees.

The basic services and duties provided by the VA Board of Nursing include:

  • RN Forms and Applications
  • Laws, Statutes (Nurse Practice Act), Rules
  • Board Information, Board Meeting Minutes & Agendas, Past Minutes & Agendas, Position Statements, Board Members, Board Committees, Directions to Board Office
  • List of Licensees Disciplined between October 2009 and July 2010
  • License Information and Forms for RN, LPN, APRN LNA, International Nurses and additional Forms.
  • Professional Information
  • Verifications
  • Educational Program and Alternate Program Brochures
  • Education
  • Address Change Form
  • Links
  • Information for Disciplined Licensees
  • Forms and Information
  • Additional Duties


6603 West Broad Street
5th Floor
Richmond, VA 23230-1712
Phone: (804)662-9909
FAX: (804) 662-9512