Michigan Board of Nursing

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Nursing is a job in which the individuals are only required to take care of the sick and the suffering patients and in return they earn a satisfactory amount of salary along with various other incentives. The aspiring nursing applicants are required to attain complete education and certification before working in any of the hospitals or private clinics.

The nursing education board of Michigan has defined certain pre requisites that are to be fulfilled in order to take admission in any of the nursing institutes in the state.

Some major conditions are given below:

  • A minimum of 18 years of age is essential for joining a nursing institute
  • Moreover, the applicants are supposed to attain a high school diploma or equivalent before taking admission in the school of nursing in Michigan
  • The candidates must not carry any kind of criminal record
  • Acquaintance with subjects like biology and chemistry can prove to be beneficial for passing the entrance examination of nursing conducted by various schools

The applicants, who fulfill all the above mentioned criteria, can take admission in the nursing schools of Michigan. The schools follow all necessary rules and regulations provided by the board and make sure that superior education is provided to the candidates.

Some of the important features of the nursing institutes are given below:

  • Provides clinical sessions along with academic training programs in order to prepare the candidates for forthcoming professional lives
  • Instructors hired by the schools are quite skilled and intelligent and hence make sure that proper education is provided to the applicants
  • Topics on nursing are given to the candidates for preparing presentations and seminars in order to develop strong concepts of nursing.
  • Moreover, the board also makes sure that there are enough facilities in the nursing schools for internships and externship so that the candidates can attend complete education
  • Besides regular training facilities, the Michigan Board Nursing also offers a lot of online training services that are helpful for the applicants to gain education as per their suitability and convenience.

    In addition to the services related to education, the board of nursing in Michigan has the responsibility of providing several other facilities. The important ones are mentioned below:

    Verification and renewal of certification:

    • The candidates working in hospitals or health care centers are required to renew their certification after every two year to remain in job
    • Applications can be downloaded from the official website of the board
    • Downloaded application is to be filled with complete care along with the attachment of all necessary documents for verification
    • Completed form can be submitted at the head office of the state

    Database management and updating:

    • Michigan nursing board has the responsibility of updating the database of students studying in various nursing colleges in the state
    • Moreover, the candidates can also update information related to their contact number or address by visiting the official website of the board

    Organization of certification examination:

    • The certification exam for becoming certified nursing assistants is helpful in gaining better job opportunities with higher salary packages and various other incentives
    • NCLEX-PN exam is conducted for the nurses willing to become licensed practical nurses
    • Certification test for nursing assistants comprises of 2 phases, a written test followed by a skill test

    Therefore, all these responsibilities are accomplished by the Michigan board with efficiency so that the citizens of the state can enjoy healthy and happy lives and the nursing professionals can get top notch education and certification facilities for a booming and successful nursing career.