Missouri Board of Nursing

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The mission of the Board of Nursing Mississippi is to protect public health and welfare by developing, regulating and enforcing state laws and regulations for safe nursing practice.

In 1909 the first Board of Nurse Examiners was appointed in 1909 and same year in the month of March, the Nurse Practice Act was also created. The Nurse Practice Act (NPA) is the accumulation of statutes, Chapter 335.011 to 335.257.

The NPA set the standards, regulate and govern nursing profession, determine licensee practice scope, approval or disapproval of nursing schools in MO, define nursing titles of RN and LPN in the state. The rules and regulations are enacted to authorize and guide the board in implementing mandates of NPA.

Board of Nursing Missouri consists of 9 Board members that represent nursing field and public. Out of these appointed members, 5 are registered nurses, 2 are licensed practical nurses, one public and one CRNA. These board members have the responsibility to ensure that RNs and LPNs follow and comply with the NPA statues for offering safe, competent and effective nursing care to protect public health.

The board is also entrusted with the legal responsibilities to ensure that the provisions of the law are carried out fully, act as a policy maker and planning group. For enacting the NPA requirements and policies, the board develops and regulates licenses and programs and, serves the community and the State of Missouri.

At present there are nearly 70,000 licensed RNs and 24,000 LPNs in the state of Missouri, practicing in various nursing health care settings. It is the responsibility of the board that the NCLEX examination passed licensed nurses are well competent to serve the public. Another state nurses, wanting endorsement need to complete an evaluation process.

The licenses are processed within30 to 45 days, except these licenses that require review by the Licensure committee and in such case the reviewing is completed within 4 months and processing starts.

Licenses are valid for 2 years, and RNs need to renew it in the odd years and LPN renews licenses on the even years.

The Board provides information and services n the following fields:

  • Nursing Home
  • About the Board, Board Members, Meeting Information and Rules & Statutes (Nursing Practice Act)
  • Advanced Practice
  • Name/Address Change
  • Complaint Form
  • Consumers
  • Primary State of Residence Declaration
  • Discipline and disciplinary actions and reviews
  • Information on Education and Programs
  • Forms
  • Fees schedules
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • IV Therapy Programs
  • Licensure Information & Forms
  • NCLEX®
  • Safety of the Patients
  • Practice
  • Renewal Information
  • Schools of Nursing
  • Additional information

Contact Details of Board of Nursing Missouri

MO Board of Nursing
3605 Missouri Boulevard
P.O. Box 656
Jefferson City, MO  65102-0656
573.751.0681 Telephone
573.751.0075 Fax
800.735.2966 TTY
800.735.2466 Voice Relay