New Jersey Board of Nursing

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Board of Nursing New Jersey is a part of New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. NJ Board of Nursing comprises of 14 Board members that represent nursing field, state and public. Out of these 14 members, 4 board members are from Public, 2 Licensed Practical Nurse, 6 Registered Professional Nurse, 1 State Member and 1 Advanced Practice Nurse.

The mission of the Board of Nursing New Jersey is to protect public health, safety and welfare by regulating and enforcing state laws and regulations, and nurse Practice Act, and by enacting effective policies to maintain competent, ethical nursing practice and exceptional customer service. The Board strives to attain these goals in by following openness, trust and integrity environments.

The basic duties of the Board are concentrated in providing information and services for Board Home, Members, Meetings, Agendas, Minutes, Alerts
Applications, Online Services, Laws & Regulations, Board Actions
Consumer Information, Licensee Information, Contact Us and Useful Links.

Following Applications are available with the Board:

  • Licensure by Examination
  • Licensure by Endorsement
  • Reinstatement
  • Reactivation
  • Advanced Practice Nurse Certification
  • Forensic Nurse-Certified Sexual Assault

The NJ Board of Nursing offers following Online Services:

  • Form for Complaint
  • Drug Diversion and Impairment Reporting Form
  • Change of Address
  • Directory of Licensee

A Licensee can obtain below given information from the Board:

  • Guidelines for Mandatory Reporting
  • Board Information
  • Online Change of Address Form
  • Changes to the New Jersey Prescription Blanks (NJPB) Format
  • Drug Diversion and Impairment Reporting Form
  • Continuing Education Letter to the Nursing Community
  • Continuing Education “FAQs”
  • Criminal History Record Background Check
  • Position Statement Patient Abandonment
  • Determining Scope of Nursing Practice and Making Delegation Decisions Guidelines
  • Postpartum Depression

Renewal Information

  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding On-line Renewal

Schools & Programs, regulated by the Board:

  • Associate Degree Nursing Programs
  • Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Programs
  • Diploma Nursing Programs
  • Practical Nursing Programs

Contact details of Board of Nursing New Jersey

Mr. George Hebert,
Executive Director,
New Jersey Board of Nursing,
PO Box 45010, Newark, NJ 07101, (973) 504-6430.