Massachusetts Board of Nursing

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The board of nursing education in Massachusetts is responsible for taking care of all health related issues in the state along with complete management of the educational facilities and other related things.

The range of services provided by the Massachusetts Board Nursing is quite wide and consists of the following main things:

  • Firstly, it is responsible for guiding as well as defining several rules and regulations for the nursing institutes in the state and making sure that they are following the things stated by the board
  • Then again, the board conducts the certification or licensure examination meant for becoming certified nursing assistants or licensed practical nurses
  • The facility for the renewal of certification as well as licensure is also provided by the board
  • Awareness related to the health issues is created by the nursing education board

All these tasks are accomplished with the help of various proficient and elite board members. These people not only take care of the working culture of the board but also make sure that every work is done with complete care to its fullest level.

As far as the educational services are concerned, the board provides following important guidelines to the nursing schools and universities:

  • All the institutes are required to follow the standard curriculum set by the nursing education board of Massachusetts so that the students are able to grab all the essential skills required to become an able nursing professional
  • Live training facilities are to be provided by the schools in order to make the candidates proficient to work at the professional environment and ready to face all challenges at the work place
  • Topics included in the syllabus of the nursing candidates are fundamentals of nursing, recording vital signs of patients, monitoring health records, performing administrative works like filling up the insurance forms, answering telephone calls and so on
  • Placement opportunities are to be provided to the deserving candidates
  • Instructors must be skilled and trained so that they can impart quality education to the applicants and help them in every possible way to become better nursing assistants
  • Presentations and seminars must be given to the candidates for evaluating their grasp of skills taught and accordingly awarding the marks to them

The regular as well as online training programs are required to follow all these guidelines for providing superior training to the applicants.

After the completion of training, the nursing assistants are supposed to give the certification examination for becoming certified nursing assistants.

Some of the salient features about the exam are given below:

  • Duration of the test is approximately of 5-6 hours
  • Comprises of 2 tests, a written test followed by a skill test
  • Both tests must be passed with a minimum of 80% score in order to become certified.

The nursing education board helps in the renewal and verification of certification so that the candidates can continue in the professional life as long as they wish.

Hence, the profession of nursing is quite beneficial for the individuals for securing future and earning a considerable amount of money. Moreover, nursing and taking care of the sick and suffering individuals earns a lot of blessings for the individuals. The board of nursing in Massachusetts ensures that everybody gets required health care and top class services by encouraging the employment facilities for certified and educated individuals.

Therefore, the students are required to work hard so that they can enjoy a bright career ahead with various options to advance knowledge as well as skills in the field of nursing thereby increasing the amount of earnings as well as blessings.