Kentucky Board of Nursing

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The nursing education board of Kentucky claims to provide better health services to the citizens of the state and ensures that the students of nursing get all facilities regarding education and certification. The board provides various facilities of free as well as online training to the candidates.

Kentucky Board Nursing has the responsibility of taking care of everything related to health care. The duties can be divided into various categories like the tasks related to creating awareness regarding health issues among the people, managing the curriculum and studies in the institutes of nursing so that the candidates can get quality education as well as better training, providing verification and renewal of licenses and certifications and other related things.

All these works can be elaborated as under

Awareness and Promotion of Better Health

  • The board of nursing in Kentucky organizes and conducts various seminars related to the advantages of better health services to individuals
  • Moreover, the citizens also get a chance to discuss their queries regarding health issues
  • Board also provides the facility of free checkups for the citizens of the state

Guidelines for the institutes of nursing

  • The nursing education board maintains as well as updates the records related to student information and provides necessary rules and regulations related to the topics that are to be covered in the education
  • Various topics included in the syllabus of nursing are fundamentals of nursing, recording vital signs such as body temperature, blood pressure and so on, maintaining hygienic environmental conditions for the sick, keeping proper health records of patients and so on
  • Instructors must be highly skilled and trained so as to provide top notch education and learning to the candidates
  • Clinical training facilities must be provided in order to acquaint the candidates with the actual professional life of the nursing assistants and the challenges they face during their working tenure.

Verification and renewal of licensure

  • The renewal of the licensure and certification is necessary in order to continue in the job of nursing
  • The individuals can collect the renewal forms from the official website of Kentucky Board Nursing and have to fill it carefully
  • Each and every detail must be provided with valid proofs so that the verification process does not take much time
  • Completed forms can be submitted to the office of the health board so that the renewal can be done on time

The board of nursing education handles various departments like the nursing assistants department, category for licensed nurses and then there is a separate office for the registered nurses. All these are handled with care and no stone is left unturned and no compromise is done regarding the quality of education provided.

After the completion of essential training, the students are required to give the certification or the licensure examination. The certification exam is for the nursing assistants and consists of two phases, a written test accompanied by a skill test. Both the tests must be passed in order to become certified.

For the nurses, an exam known as NCLEX-PN is conducted for providing licensure to the candidates aspiring to become licensed practical nurses.

After the completion of training and attainment of certification, the candidates enter in their professional lives where they are assigned the responsibility of taking care of patients in the best possible way. The salaries are dependent on the experience, education and certification possessed by the individuals. The amount earned is quite satisfactory and can be increased with hard work and dedication towards the profession.

Therefore, the profession of nursing is quite lucrative and the career is very bright under the supervision of the Kentucky Nursing Board.