Iowa Board of Nursing

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Certified Nursing Aides

A certified nursing aide is an expert medical care professional serving the basic needs of the ailing and maturing patients. Some of the essential duties and responsibilities of a CNA include bathing, feeding, grooming and helping the patients to relocate in bed.

All the aspiring nursing aides desiring to become a certified and professional nurse aide in Iowa are required to complete an accredited nursing and health care training program, offered by several medical colleges and universities in the state of Iowa. After completing the entire training curriculum, a nurse aide trainee is required to effectively pass the state certification examination; in order to get legally registered and scheduled on the state board of nursing, Iowa. Subsequent of being scheduled on the state board of nursing, Iowa, you are entitled and qualified to lawfully operate as a certified nursing aide in numerous health care facilities.

State Board of Nursing, Iowa

The state board of nursing, Iowa incorporates of six members from the nursing and health care management, likewise registered nurse and licensed vocational nurse, and also from patron. The elements representing the board of nursing comprises of:

  • Two associates from nursing edification
  • Three associates from health care practice
  • Two associates from clientele.

Objective of State Board of Nursing, Iowa

Usually, the chief and major goal of Iowa board of nursing is to offer and progress the quality health of the people and inhabitants in the state of Iowa, by granting them secure and efficient health cares, as determined and obligated by the Iowa code chapters.

Moreover, the state board of nursing predetermines the standards and rules for qualifying the specific provisions of the decree and Iowa code chapters in nursing education, edification curriculums and practice of nurses, nurse aides or nurse assistants.

Also, the Iowa board of nursing is held liable for offering entire facilities and details on the several issues including:

  • Application of licenses
  • Certification
  • Licensures
  • Edification
  • And many others

The official and lawful authority for managing and execution of certification, licensures, nursing practice, and commencing several disciplinary measures on the licensee, for practice and various other breaches, is derived by the Iowa state board of nursing by Iowa code chapters.

The state nurse aide registry, Iowa is also controlled and managed by the IA board of nursing. Furthermore, the board of nursing supervises several nursing and health care training curriculums, offered all across the state of Iowa, along with noticing that only the qualified and skilled nurse assistants are certified and listed on the nurse aide registry.

License Renewal

A Professional nurse and health care expert is ought to memorize the date of the termination of the official accreditation. As the state board of nursing requires that, the renewal is revisited at least 30 days prior to the expiring date of the earlier certification. The board of nursing has also elected, not to enforce the financial fine on the candidates missing out the time limit, but also, after the renewal is obtained it becomes more probable that the fresh and new certification is not offered till the old one terminates.

Furthermore, If a paper renewal can not be progressed as obtained then, it should be returned back to the candidate for any reason, and if it is summated once again preceding the 15th of the birth month, it is acknowledged as a late restoration; also you will be charged with an  extra late fees of $50.

Verification of Licensure

The employer might himself verify the status of an Iowa certification, and determine whether the accreditation is authorized or not. The employer has the right to verify the ARNP registration along with Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse licensure.