Montana Board of Nursing

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A certified nurse aide is a nursing professional operating at the front lines of health care. They are responsible for providing one-on-one medical care to the ailing and aging patients in hospitals, nursing care units and in home health care agencies. Operating as a CNA, serves as a stepping stone for several other diverse medical and health care careers.

If you want to get registered on the state board of nursing, Montana then, you have to complete a nurse training curriculum also you need to earn a legal certification as a certified nurse aide. The main duties and responsibilities of a certified nurse aide include various routine activities such as bathing, changing dressings, nourishing, captivating imperative signs, helping the patients to relocate from their beds and also, aiding the patients with walking.

State Board of Nursing, Montana

Board Members

The state board of nursing, Montana includes a total of 9 members, who are in link with the nursing vocation and inhabitant. As predetermined by the state law of Montana, out of the 9 board associates, four ought to be registered nurse member, 3 Licensed Practical Nurse Member and 2 members ought to belong to Public. The time duration of the appointed board members by the governor, is about 4 years.

Board Meeting

The board of nursing plans the quarterly meetings in order to discuss the business of the board and also the several matters of interest. The meetings are organized in an open form; moreover the inhabitants are also motivated to attend the meetings. The schedule of the meeting is posted on the official site at least a week earlier to the date of actual meeting.

Objectives of the Nursing Board

The vital objectives of the state board of nursing, Montana are listed under:

To be active and receptive to the several alterations in the health care settings by identifying and analyzing trends in the nursing practice, edification and also, to the legislative modifications.

Examine the budgetary authority by recognizing and investigating as required, identifying and executing the price containment, recognizing the budget cut backs/balanced in twelve-monthly budget.

Motivating and progressing the conversations, edification and collective efforts by upholding the clear and understandable communication with all associations, state agencies and also with several squads and individuals.

To participate in the activities of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing by maintaining the central focus, federal relations, and also maintaining a record of meeting attendance volunteers to be accessed at the initial quarterly meeting.

Scrutinizing and analyzing the nurse aide training curriculum by developing a NAP workgroup incorporating of 3 board associates departmental counsel, developing an analytical equipment to be utilized by the work group.


The state Montana obligates every nursing individual engaged in the practice of health care to be certified. The state board of nursing examines the suitability of the candidate to practice and ascertains the fundamental necessities to fulfill the edifying and exam requirements determined by the Montana law or in administrative rule. Existing nurse aide individuals can update the board of nursing on any alterations in your details and discover additional things about the renewal of your certification. Some of the vital licenses offered by the board are:

  • Clinical Nurse Spec.-PSYCH
  • Clinical Nurse Spec.-APRN
  • Licensed vocational nurse
  • Nurse Anesthetist-APRN
  • Nurse Midwife-APRN
  • Nurse Practitioner-APRN
  • Registered Nurse
  • And several others.

The Montana nurse assistant registry is also controlled and administered by the Montana board of nursing. Furthermore, the board of nursing directs the a number of nursing and health care training curriculums offered all across the state of Montana, all along with noticing that only the qualified and skilled nurse assistants are certified and listed on the Montana nurse aide registry.