Ohio Board of Nursing

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The Ohio Board of Nursing is a state agency and the regulatory board. Ohio Revised Code (ORC) specifies the needed qualifications and the terms of the appointments for the Board and establishes that Board must comprise of thirteen members, representing nursing field and consumer.

The Board was created by the enactment of a law by the Ohio General Assembly (the state legislature), which also mandated the function and structure of the board. The board constitutes 13 members, which include 8 (Eight) registered nurses, 4 (four) licensed practical nurses, and 1 (one) consumer appointed by the governor with the consent and suggestion of State Senate. The board members are termed as public officials, thus all board meetings and their records are open to the public. As the regulatory body is formed as a governmental body, it is essential that all health care practitioners are required to pay licensure fees for their practicing legally in the Ohio state.

Further, it must also be noted that appointed nurses in the board must have had their graduation from an approved nursing education program, posses’ current and active Ohio license as a RN or LPN, and must be practicing consecutively for 5 years immediately before the initial appointment on the board. The appointed consumer member represents the interest of health care consumers.

The main purposes of the board meetings are to discuss legislative and regulatory issues that have their bearing on licensure, nurse practice and nursing education, and review disciplinary cases. Board members also serve as Board Advisory Groups chairpersons or take part in Board Committees.

The main aim behind the creation of the board is for enforcing the law and enactment of rules regulating practice. The board has been authorized to set the requirements for nursing practice license or to provide dialysis care in Ohio. It is the responsibility of the board to approve and oversee nursing education programs and dialysis training programs, the licensure exam, and takes disciplinary action for the violation of the law by the licensee, which may be penalties, such as a fine, a reprimand, a practice restriction, a suspension from practice, or a permanent revocation of the right to practice. These undertakings by the board facilitate health care to public by only qualified individuals.

The other functions and duties of the Board of Nursing Ohio include:

  • License/Certificate Verification
  • Name/Address Changes
  • Board General Information Contact the Board
  • Discipline & Compliance
  • Education Programs
  • Forms and Applications
  • Law and Rules
  • Licensure and Renewal
  • Nursing Practice
  • Publications
  • Advanced Practice Nurses
  • Community Health Workers
  • Dialysis Technicians
  • Medication Aides

Contact details of Ohio State Board of Nursing

Board of Nursing Ohio
17 South High Street Suite 400
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Administrative Unit: Ph. 614-466-6940
Email: board@nursing.ohio.gov