Louisiana Board of Nursing

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The nursing education board of Louisiana has the responsibility of ensuring quality education as well as better health facilities to the individuals of the state. The board makes sure that every aspiring candidate of nursing is able to receive all necessary skills and training in order to become proficient and efficient nursing aides.

Louisiana Board of Nursing has started various services for the betterment of the state as a whole. Some of the major facilities provided by the board are given below:

  • Issues guidelines for the schools and college of nursing in the state in order to ensure the impart of high quality education to the candidates
  • Sets the standard of the nursing curriculum that is to be followed for the development of skills and increase of knowledge in the aspiring nursing assistants
  • Provides the opportunity to obtain certification by conducting a state level certification examination for the candidates
  • Maintains a database of all students studying in different colleges of nursing and provides the facility for online up date and other changes in that database
  • Offers the facility of license verification, certification renewal to the candidates by giving online application forms to the candidates

The board of nursing education in Louisiana has various departments under its authority that are governed and instructed by the board for each and every action performed by them. The major departments are mentioned below:

  • Department of certified nursing assistants, which is the basic office for the beginners in the profession of nursing
  • Department of licensed practical nurses, meant for the higher level in the nursing profession
  • Department of registered nurses that is for the senior nursing individuals

The beginners are required to become certified nursing assistants first of all in order to proceed further in the profession of nursing at higher posts and earning bigger amounts.

The Louisiana Board of Nursing has introduced the set of duties that are to be performed by the candidates according to the post they acquire. Following are some of the responsibilities assigned to the certified nursing assistants:

  • Providing assistance to doctors during operations
  • Recording vital signs of patients like body temperature and pulse rate
  • Working as an administrator by answering telephone calls and clearing doubts of patients regarding their treatment procedures
  • Assisting patients in grooming, bathing, eating and exercising

All these tasks are to be performed by the candidates with full dedication and honesty. The Licensed Practical Nurses are assigned the following duties by the nursing education board:

  • Providing maternal care
  • Maintaining health information of patients
  • Preparing case studies of sick individuals for future reference
  • Giving first aid to the individuals
  • Following the orders of registered nurses during emergencies

The LPN is supposed to take care of all these things at the time of working in order to give their best possible services to the individuals. Lastly, the registered nurses are assigned the following tasks in hospitals:

  • Supervising the work of certified nursing assistants as well as licensed nurses
  • Handling situations in the absence of doctors
  • Performing regular check ups of patients
  • All these individuals are required to give their best in order to contribute in the improvement of health of the patients.

The nursing education board of Louisiana makes sure that every nursing professional is fulfilling its duty and helping in the overall development of the nation. Moreover, the board also encourages more and more individuals to join the profession of nursing for providing healthy and happy lives to the citizens of the state thereby ensuring the growth of the nation.