Nebraska Board of Nursing

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As per statutes relating to Nurse Practice Act, Board of Nursing Nebraska represents members from nursing profession, nurse educator, nurse administrator and Public. The Board comprises of 8 (eight) registered nurse members, two licensed practical nurse members, and two public members.

The requirements for RNs appointed to the Board must be:

  • One practical nurse educator
  • One associate degree or diploma nurse educator
  • One baccalaureate nurse educator
  • Two nursing service administrators
  • Two staff nurses
  • One advanced practice registered nurse.

The State Board of Health also gives special emphasis that the membership of the Board of Nursing fully represents acute care, long-term care, and community-based care. The appointed members must constitute either three or a maximum of five members from each congressional district. The appointed board member must be a bona fide resident of the representing congressional district for a period of at least one year prior to the time of the appointment.

The executive director appointed to the Board must be a currently NE state licensed registered nurse, graduated in nursing. The minimum requirement of the executive director must be a minimum of five years’ experience within the last ten years in the field of administration, teaching, or consultation in the field of nursing.

Board of Nursing Nebraska has been empowered with following Board Rules & Regulations:

  • Set minimum and uniform nursing practice and nursing education standards.
  • Issue or decline to issue advisory opinions on permitted or are not permitted the practice of nursing defining acts.
  • Practice-related information as specified by Nurse Practice Act must be provided by the board to RNs or LPNs.
  • Establish rules and regulations to approve programs that prepare nurses by taking into consideration all relevant administrative and organizational necessities, such as the curriculum, facilities students, student services, faculty, teaching resources and others.
  • Conduct educational program surveys.
  • Approve educational programs meeting the provisions of the Nurse Practice Act
  • Collect data regarding nursing and maintain a record of all its proceedings, compiling an annual report for distribution.
  • Establish standards, rules and regulations for nursing practice, training or minimum experience requirements, evaluation of nursing competency and nursing supervision.
  • Offer consultation and conduct nursing practice and education conferences, forums, studies, and research.
  • Make alliance or partner with licensing exam developing and regulating agencies.
  • Promote legal standards of the practice improvement for the safeguard and protection of the public health, safety, and welfare
  • Administer the Licensed Practical Nurse-Certified Practice Act and Administer the Nurse Licensure Compact.

Nebraska State Board of Nursing Office Address

Nebraska State Board of Nursing
State Office Building
301 Centennial Mall South, (14th and M Street)
3rd Floor
PO Box 94986
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-3121
Fax: (402) (402) 471-1066
Web Site: