Charity School of Nursing

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Community College (DCC) and rechristened as Charity School of Nursing.

The school has a Mission is to prepare students from diverse backgrounds and cultures in a learning environment for entry level nursing positions, where they can offer competent nursing cares to the diverse community by meeting their variety health care needs. The clinical hands-on experience is offered to students in clinical settings all over the southeast Louisiana region.

The Charity School of Nursing offered programs include

  • An associate degree (admission twice a year)
  • R.N. program (admission twice a year)
  • A Nursing Success course
  • An R.N. Refresher course
  • LPN to RN transition track  ( 3 tracks)
  1. Generic
  2. Advanced placement via exam
  3. Credit for experience with three
  4. Semesters of nursing courses to complete.

The basic goal of Charity School of Nursing is to assist students and families, who are not able to meet their financial costs of higher education. The school wants to see that financial constraints do not stop the students from attending different programs. Office of Student Financial Assistance tries to ascertain the financial need of the students by ascertaining their actual expenses and income of their families.


Charity School of Nursing Campus Delgado Community College
450 S. Claiborne Avenue
New Orleans, LA  70112
Fax. 504-568-5494