Nursing Research

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The fundamentals of nursing practice are the based on Nursing Research, where evidences that are used for nursing practice are outcome of the research and this principal is followed since the time of Florence Nightingale to the present day.

It is also true that while making any medical assessment by a nurse or a physician, the assessment outcome is the result of the evidences based on nursing research. One can frequently see researchers working in universities as well as in the health care setting advancing their acumen for finding further evidences for nursing practices. Even nursing education relies more on applications of evidences from research to rationalize nursing interventions.

Nursing Research can be best understood by the facts that since long, scholars, doctors, nurses and medical academicians have been continuously studying patient’s medical and physiological behavior, where the finding of evidences, facts and outcomes have been rationalized for medical interventions and for improvement of the treatment and its system, and to provide emotional and moral support to patient and their families.

The best example is study of various types of medications and its side effects, which are published in medical journals, magazines, webs and presentations of research papers in conferences and medical get together for making people aware of these reach oriented results and to implement findings in medical field. In a way research based evidences are also applied for general human benefits, well being of human health, society, public and whole population.

Similarly, effectiveness of various types of medications, its uses and side effects are studied over and published for general awareness. The publication of nursing research articles on medical journals, magazines and webs are great source for creating awareness about different innovative findings on medical science.

As a practicing nurse, you must also be aware that ever if you act differently or in contrast to the nursing research evidences for interventions, you may be held responsible for medical negligence or acting in contrary to nursing research, because research based evidences are continuously implemented in nursing and medical fields, since the time of Florence Nightingale or even before that the research results are outcome of hard work of scholars and research students.