Neonatal Nurse Salary

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Neonatal Nurses are these nurses, whose job duties are concentrated for caring of newborns and infants in neonatal settings. They work and assist doctors in assessing and providing cares to newborn babies. It is their duty to order for various tests, interprets, record the clinical test results and report to physicians about the results. They also prescribe the medications and recommend various therapeutic forms of treatment.

The recent increase in multiple and premature births have warranted admitting the newborns in NICU, and few ill and premature babies needs round the clock caring and monitoring. NNs are also required to inform the families of the new born about what is happing and types of cares that are being offered to these neonates.

The rise of multiple and premature births have also led to brighter job outlooks for Neonatal Nurse and simultaneously hiked their salaries also.

Neonatal Nurse Salary ranges from $85,097 $92,485 $109,681 to $117,948. There are various factors that have their effects in the earning of these nurses.

The main factors influencing these salaries include:

  • Experience: Working experience of few or many years can drastically increase your salary level.
  • Location: If you choose the metropolitan cities facilities for your working as a Neonatal Nurse, you will be paid higher salary to higher living standard in these areas. Same theory can not apply to nurses working in urban or rural areas, where living standard is still low.
  • Facility Size and Type: If you work in big facility having neonatal settings  with numerous beds, you tend to earn higher due greater number of mothers and new born babies, whereas small facilities with limited number of beds can not pay you much.
  • Position: You salary also depends on the position, you are employed because, more important position you are employed, such as intensive care unit, you earn better than employed in a lower not so important position.
  • Education and Certification: also have a role in your salary, as greater the nursing knowledge you obtain, better will be your salary, promotion and position.