Nursing Research for Effective Nursing Assessments

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The fundamentals of nursing practice are the base for the Nursing Research. It is common belief that, while making any medical assessment by a nurse, her decisions and actions are the result of the findings and existing tendency of the nursing research.

Through long years of studying by nurses, doctors, medical academicians and scholars about patient’s medical and physiological behavior, the facts and outcomes have been studied and implemented to improve the treatment and to provide moral support to patient and their families. Similarly, effectiveness of various types of medications, its uses and side effects are studied over and published for general awareness. The publication of nursing research articles on medical journals, magazines and webs are great source for creating awareness about different innovative findings on medical science.

It is also to be noted that when a nurse acts differently or in contrast to the nursing research, he/she may be held responsible for medical negligence or acting in contrary to nursing research. The reason being research has developed and come a long way since the time of Florence Nightingale to the present day, where researchers work in universities, health care centers and hospitals. Such researches put importance on implementing the evidence from the research, in order to rationalize nursing intervention. Thus, the nurses acting differently from these evidences generated through research may be held responsible for their negligent actions.

In nursing professional, there are two areas, where nursing research is commonly applicable and they include:

  • Quantative Research: This research mainly concentrates on the exercise of testing controlled trial settings.
  • Qualitative Research: This research is based on the qualitative results as experienced by the patient.

Thus, Nursing Research can be termed as systematic and original investigation to enhance the knowledge and understandings to implement principals and facts, for introduction and creation of new improved ideas and facts. It helps in generating qualitative knowledge for understanding and providing excellence in nursing care of the patients. Nursing data are collected through experiments, surveys, case studies and other methods to ascertain the facts, which are analyzed for better quantitative and qualitative approaches, which can be absorbed or rejected.

Hence, Nursing Research can be termed as dynamic intermingling of nursing theory with nursing practice in the professional working or studying field for implementation or rejection.