Forensic Nursing

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Forensic Nursing can be termed as specialized training that prepares Forensic Nurses for offering cares to these individuals that are victim of abuse, violence or neglect. Any health professional that cares for these victims must be fully aware of necessities that are required to treat such traumas inflicted upon them. The nature of violence and abuse may be sexual assault, interpersonal violence, neglect, or other forms of intentional injury. So Forensic Nursing can be called anti-violence efforts for treating, caring and pacifying the traumas faced by the victims of abuse, violence or neglect.

It is the duty of Forensic Nurses to collect relevant evidences related to these violence and abuses, and offer testimony in the court of law that can lead to apprehending or prosecuting of violence and abuse perpetrators. Therefore, their role is also vital for the administration of justice for evidences and apprehending of culprits.

The basic skill that must be passed by of Forensic Nurse includes:

  • Competency in offering best possible care to sexual assault and violence victims
  • Able to identify injury
  • Evaluation of the type and scope of injuries
  • Documentation of the patient’s findings
  • Proficiency in evidence collection
  • Recording and storage of biological and physical evidence
  • Interfacing with law enforcement and attorneys
  • Furnish expert testimony in court cases.

The basic forensic nursing degree programs offered by different schools in the US include:

  1. Masters in Forensic Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing
  2. Master of Science in Nursing- Forensic Track
  3. Master of Science in Nursing – Forensic Specialty
  4. Master of Science in Forensic Nursing
  5. Clinical Nurse Specialist: Forensic Nursing Focus
  6. Master of Science in Forensic Medicine
  7. Graduate Diploma in Forensic Nursing
  8. Forensic Science Minor
  9. Gradate Certificate of Nursing (Forensic)

There are also various Forensic Nursing Certificate Programs, which an aspiring forensic student can complete.

The Board-certified certification in Forensic Nursing include SANE (SANE-A and SANE-P). In order to earn certification, it is essential to complete the requirements of the Forensic Nursing Certification Board and pass Board Certification examination.