Yale School of Nursing

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With the characteristics and confluence of research, practice, and education, Yale School of Nursing follows the basic goal of better health care for all people and, school aims to achieve these goals through insightful research and expert care.

Yale School of Nursing was founded in 1923 and the school also has the credit of being the first school to prepare nurses under an educational system, rather than an apprenticeship program within a university.

According to the U.S. News and World Report, YSN is ranked seventh among “America’s Best Graduate Schools of Nursing”, in the field of Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Specialty (first), Adult Medical-Surgical Clinical Specialists and Midwifery (third), Family Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric-Mental Health (fourth), and Adult Nurse Practitioner (fifth). The school is also highly rated in nursing program and niches 7th position among the schools that receive NIH funds.

The basic programs and courses offered by the Yale School of Nursing include

  • Master’s Program (RN)
  • Graduate Entry Pre-specialty in Nursing (GEPN)
  • Post-Masters Certificates
  • Doctor of Philosophy Program
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice degree FAQs
  • Post-Doctoral Programs
  • Joint Degrees

Students coming from abroad constitute about 2% of the Yale School student body. Mostly, international nursing students from Canada, China and Korea come to the school for nursing education.

The basic admission application requirements for the US and out of country students include

  • MSN for GEPN: November 1
  • MSN for RNs: November 1 – March 1 (rolling admissions)
  • Post-MSN Certificate: November 1 – March 1 (rolling admissions)
  • PhD in Nursing: January 2
  • Post-doc in Nursing: March 15

Prerequisites for the admission to different program comprises

  • MSN for GEPN – a US bachelor’s level degree or equivalent.
  • MSN for RNs – a US bachelor’s level degree or equivalent and, be a licensed Registered Nurse in at least one US state. International nurses need to evaluate and get approval of their credentials through the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools.
  • Post-MSN Certificate- US master’s degree in nursing with a clinical specialization or equivalent and licensed to practice nursing in at least one US state, and clinical post-master’s nursing experience of at least one year.
  • PhD in Nursing- a US master’s degree in nursing, or an equivalent degree with other nursing experience
  • Post-doctoral Training – a US doctoral degree in nursing or equivalent.

Following services and Application forms are also offered by the YSN

  • Academic Calendar
  • Apply On-Line
  • Download Applications
  • Tuition, Special Fees, and Costs
  • Financial Aid
  • Request Information
  • Contact Us
  • Admissions Events
  • Directions to YSN
  • GREs
  • International Students
  • Housing
  • Health Services
  • FAQ


Yale University School of Nursing
P.O. Box 9740
New Haven, CT

Office of Admissions at 203.737.1793
e-mail yale.nurse@yale.edu