Watts School of Nursing

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Watts School of Nursing is North Carolina’s oldest nursing school, having long nursing education history of above hundred years, maintaining long legacy and distinguished reputation for nursing education excellence.

The quick facts about the Watts School of Nursing include

  • Watts Hospital and the Watts Hospital Training School for Nurses was founded by George Watt in 1895
  • In 1906 the length of the training program was increased from two to three years.
  • In 1919 the Board of Nurse Examiners granted a “Class A” rating  to Watts Hospital Training School for Nurses
  • In 1956, the school became the first diploma program in North Carolina that received the accreditation by the National League for Nursing.
  • In 1976 Durham County General Hospital opened and in the same year, the name of the school was changed to Watts School of Nursing. Watts
  • In 1980, the school moved into the newly constructed George W. Watts Building on the campus of Durham Regional Hospital.
  • In 1985 Curriculum of the school was changed to two years of nursing courses preceded by general education prerequisites.


The curriculum of the school is designed to prepare the students with a broad-based academic and clinical education for meeting the challenging careers in nursing. In order to achieve this goal, the students are required to first complete a group of prerequisite courses through Mount Olive College (MOC) and then concentrate on their nursing education of four semesters of sixteen-week duration.

The programs for the semesters comprises

  1. During the first semester of the nursing program, student is offered an opportunity in understanding of the nursing profession and a theoretical foundation for subsequent courses.
  2. The clinical rotation starts within the first few weeks of this semester and students continues gaining hands-on clinical experience in different clinical settings right up to graduation.
  3. The next three semesters concentrates on study and participating in the spectrum of health care services across the lifespan. The clinical experiences thus gained educate them on the complex and dynamic nature of today’s health care delivery system.

Preadmission Testing

The aspiring students are required to appear in the PSB-Registered Nursing School Aptitude Examination for the preadmission test by paying a fee of $25.00, which is paid on the day of testing. The preadmission test is offered to measures abilities, skills, and knowledge necessary for success in nursing school.


Watts School of Nursing
2828 Croasdaile Dr., Suite 200
Durham , NC 27705
Ph: 919-470-7348