School Nurse Jobs

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School Nurses are these nursing professionals, who play an important role in promotion of student health, well being and achievements through health and safety of the students, provide a healthy environment, offer nursing cares for normal and acute health problems faced by the students during school and after school hours.

They also work as a liaison and collaborate with students, teachers and family members for the better health of the students and, educate family members and school staffs about the mental and physiology condition of the students and how to over come them to the best of students’ interest.

School Nurses also work toward the academic success of the student in supporting them mentally, emotionally and physically by educating them on their sound health for better academic results. It is also their job duty to record and manage care documents, make proper care plans and assure confidentiality. Their responsibilities cover all of the school population, including families. Infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, children with special needs, traditional school populations, adults such as teachers, school staffs, family and community as a whole comes within the gamut of School Nurses caring. They must hold leadership quality to execute their School Nurse Jobs duties.

A Registered Nurse degree or qualification is essential to become a School Nurse. Though, a nurse in school earn slightly lower than a RN, still their job pays them handsomely. AS on January, 2011, on an average they earn salaries between $35,151 and $55,543, and few 10 per cent even earned around $66,058 or more each year. Their job salary is also affected by various factors, such as working place (rural, urban or metropolitan cities), living cost, licensure and size of the school. For example, a school nurse working in cities such as New York earns nearly $77,268 each year as of January 2011, whereas working in Chicago, Miami, Orlando and others earned them lower salaries. Similarly, school nurse possessing a Licensure earned better than nurses holding diplomas, certificates or lower qualification.

Whatever be the salaries of school nurses, their School Nurse Jobs offers them an opportunity to work with students and prepare them for tomorrow, because students are leader of tomorrow and plays a great role in shaping and development of the country.