Continuing Education for Nurses

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If you are not satisfied with your present nursing employment, you can enhance your nursing knowledge through Continuing Education for Nurses. The CE not only increases your knowledge in this field but can also prepare you further for higher and advanced degrees and diplomas, including specialty in various nursing fields.

There are above 1000 independent self-study continuing nursing education courses online that can offer you an opportunity to choose a course of your own interest. These online courses are not limited to RNs, LPNs, and LVNs, but also offer advanced practice nursing degree and nurse refresher courses.

You must also understand that health care industry is continuously evolving with new discoveries, new researches, innovations, health practices and advanced technology to treat the patients. These reasons have made it necessary for continuous enhance of nursing knowledge through CE. Even board of nursing and health departments of many states have made it mandatory for nurses to enhance their nursing knowledge for understanding the latest happenings in the nursing field.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is vital for registered nurses to keep learning throughout their career and many states have also made CE mandatory for maintaining licenses in current level. The necessities for the continuous education are for ensuring safe public health, to protect patients and for providing most current, effective treatment to them.

It is also to be noted that continuing nursing education (CNE) in US are accredited by ANCC, world’s leading accrediter of CNS because, advanced nursing education requires quality course that meets all required standards for certification, nursing knowledge gain, licensing, and other purposes. ANCC also provides complete list of accredited organizations, which can be viewed through their web site,

The site has a data base, which contains complete list of all ANCC-accredited providers and ANCC-accredited approvers of continuing nursing education. The data base has a total 279 ANCC-accredited organizations. ANCC also produces its own CNE programs, which also includes seminars, conferences, books, and online courses.