Visiting Nurses Association

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Visiting Nurses Association is a national association, founded in Colorado in 1983, moved to Boston around 10 years back and finally located at Washington, DC, in 2007. The VNAA is an official national association for community-based nonprofit agencies, such as Visiting Nurse Agencies and home healthcare and hospice agencies, functioning for caring and treating nearly four million patients each year.

VNAA is a nonprofit organization having its mission of cost-effective and compassionate home healthcare to America’s vulnerable individuals that consist of the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

The aim of VNAA is to support, promotes and advocates for community-based, nonprofit home health and hospice providers, whose goal is to provide cares to individuals of all spheres or ability to pay. They aim to achieve these goals by offering services, such as products, advocacy, resources, education and collaboration, which assist them in achieving their nonprofit goals.

VNAA, with their long history of cost effective competent health care providers and renowned as an important community resource is governed by a board of directors consisting of 13 members, representing nursing profession, lawyer, consultant and others. The board constitutes chairman, president and other members. The directors and other board members strive continuously to ensure meeting the specific healthcare needs of the vulnerable and all age people.

The services offered by VNAA are reimbursed by third party payers, Medicare, Medicaid, and other tax-deductible charitable contributions.

VNAA strives hard to achieve their mission with following values

Access to Care: People irrespective of ages or groups, regardless of care complexities or ability to pay, must be able to access affordable compassionate and high-quality cares.

  • Excellence: Support non profit organization to deliver highest possible levels of service and health care with  ethical conduct and integrity.
  • Transparency: Sharing of all information with all individuals, directors and staffs related to VNAA, member organizations and stakeholder groups to achive mission goals.

Other VNAA values include Accountability, Engagement of VNNA members for mission achievement, Stewardship – to utilize available resources and procured resources efficiently and provide Leadership in health care promotions.