School Nurse Salary

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School Nurses are employed in schools for offering student health care, to assist in their well being and support students in their achievements. These school nurses have vital role to play in providing health and safety of the students, offer a healthy environment, provide nursing cares for normal and acute health related problems suffered by the students during school and after school hours. Their job duty also consists of offering mental and physiology care to students in collaboration with students, teachers and family members.

School Nurse Salary

Most of the schools prefer a nurse with a qualification of Registered Nurse degree to offer health care to the students, as they are better equipped and knowledgeable with nursing skills learned during their nurse programs. But, the salaries paid to the school nurse is slightly lower than what an RN receives working in hospitals or other health care facilities, still they are paid better salaries.

On an average, a school nurse earns nearly $35,151 to $55,543, and few even managed to receive around $66,058 or more each year as on January, 2011.

The variation in School Nurse Salary depends on various factors including:

  • Working place (rural, urban or metropolitan cities) – Nurses working in metropolitan cities are paid better as compared to nurses working in urban or rural based schools. The reason being cities have higher cost of living.
  • Education and Licensure – School nurse with higher education and licensing are paid higher as compared to lower qualified nurses with diplomas, certificates or lower qualifications.
  • Size of the school – A large school with greater number of students pays better to its nurses as compared to schools with lower number of students, as they have to provide caring to higher number of students.
  • Experience – A school nurse bearing few years of working experience can look forward for earning lucrative salary due to their expertise in nursing cares.
  • States – Different states school nurses are paid differently due to the salary structure of respective states. For example, a school nurse in New York or Washington earns higher wages than nurses in Arizona or Virginia.

The salary must not be the sole criteria for working in schools because schools offer an opportunity to work with students and prepare them for tomorrow’s leadership role.