Private Nursing Schools

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Any entry level student or nurses aiming to pursue higher studies for advance education have option to attend Private or Public Nursing Schools. Though, both schools, Private and Public nursing schools offers nursing education but, there are still some remarkable differences between the two and that includes, the Community colleges have low tuition fees, less stringent curriculum, difficult to get admission due to higher applicants and lower program cost and more attention is given on research, whereas Private schools have higher tuition and fees, more expensive, that makes admission less expensive, easy to get admission and concentrate more on course work.

It is also common that most private schools are religion based but public schools do not discriminate on the basis of religion, caste and culture. Though, this trend has been changing and more and more private schools have programs without a religious foundation. Private schools also offer higher student scholarships, loan and other financial assistance, which can ease the financing burden on a student aiming to take the nursing programs.

The student teacher ration in private school is also very less, which offers better individualized attention to students for better education. Again private schools have affiliations with various other private medical centers and facilities, which offer higher clinical hands-on experience, sharpening the clinical skills of the practicing professionals.

If you are aiming to enroll in a Private Nursing school, you must keep in mind certain following points that benefit you and your education program:

Firstly, you must find out about the program offered by the private Nursing school that you aim to attend and whether that program prepares you for .NCPLEX exam. Therefore, it is wise if you find out that the program meets the all requirements of National Council Licensure Examination state requirements, no matter what level.

Secondly, you must get the information about the scheduling of classes, day & evening and, time taken for the completion of the courses. If you are applying for online program of the school, you must see that the program is duly accredited. The reason being many advance degrees has prerequisite of attended accredited BSN programs. Many distinguished health care facilities also prefer individuals, who have completed accredited programs.

Thirdly, though the tuition fees in a Private school may be higher, which you may not be able to bear, but you can find out about the financial aids, loans and grants offered by the school. Such financial assistance can offload your tuition fee burden and make it ease for you to attend the programs of your choice.

Keeping in mind these points you can get admission to a Private nursing school for your nursing education.

Private Nursing Schools

  • DePaul University
  • New York University
  • Brigham Young University
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • University of Southern California
  • Liberty University
  • George Washington University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Syracuse University
  • Columbia University in the City of New York
  • Touro College
  • National University
  • Saint Louis University-Main Campus