NYU School of Nursing

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The New York University College of Nursing has long legacy of nursing excellence. The early courses offered by the NYU in 1923 included, Education in Health and Education in Accident Prevention to courses in the Physical Education Department. Today, NYU Nursing offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate curriculum that covers courses, such as the arts and humanities, the basic social sciences, and nursing and the clinical hand-on experience.

The Nursing Education Curriculum started in 1944 and the Department of Nursing was established in 1947. The continuous achievement of the school can be best understood by:

  • College is 11th ranked in research funding from the National Institute of Health.
  • The doctoral program of the college is ranked 7th by the National Research Council.
  • US News and World Report listed NYU College of Nursing as the #1 graduate Nurse Practitioner program in Geriatrics in the nation.

The school is also credited with a global network university and, the students from NYU gets opportunities for studies in New York, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, and 10 additional international study sites.

The mission of the New York University College of Nursing, which is based on a research-intensive private university, is “in the public service”, to develop new innovative knowledge and prepare future nursing professionals for demonstrating excellencies of the highest standards in research, education and practice for a global society.

Programs offered by NYU School of Nursing include

  • The College offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Master of Science
  • Post-Master’s Advanced Certificate Programs
  • A Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • A Doctor of Philosophy in Research Theory and Development (PhD).
  • Non-Matriculated (Non-Degree) Status

Understanding the need of Continuing Education in Nursing for lifelong learning to gain continued professional competence, the Center for Continuing Education in Nursing (CCEN) aims to achieve these goals through programs, which in turn can enhance the professional nurse’s contribution to competent and quality health care and, pursuit of professional career goals.

Nursing professionals are also able to attend various special programs, other than their regular programs and they include:

  • International Programs & W.H.O. Collaborating Center
  • The Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing
  • The Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau
  • Leadership Institute for Black Nurses
  • Geriatric Interdisciplinary Team Training Program (GITT)
  • The Center for Drug Use and HIV Research


NYU College of Nursing
726 Broadway, 10th floor,
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212-998-5300