Top Nursing Schools

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Today, United States of America offers lucrative opportunities and remuneration to a nursing professional, the reason being, all states of the US is facing heavy shortages of nurses and nurse educators in almost all health care facilities, be it a hospital, long term care facility or nursing homes. The reason being, there is greater demand of nurses in these facilities due to steady population rise, increase in ageing population and baby boomers. These reasons have also prompted the state and federal authorities to offer various scholarships and financial aids to prepare and increase the number of nursing professionals and educators.

The economic recession has further raised the demand of nursing jobs and, more and more individuals are aiming to attend nursing schools for availing these easy jobs.  But, can you be sure that nursing school attended by you is suitable for you? Are they offering accredited and quality instructions, whether program costs they are charging are within your means? Therefore, it becomes necessary that any nursing school you attend must offer accredited programs, quality instructs and affordable costs. You must also remember that quality nursing training programs bodes well for your future better career prospects and enhancement of position, designation and salary.

Few Top Nursing Schools, campus based regular and distance learning schools in America given as below can meet all your training program needs for future career growths.

They offer quality accredited training programs on RN, Bachelor’s of Science, Master’s program, PhD, certificate degree programs, joint degree programs and others:

  1. The Virginia University -Charlottesville, Virginia,
  2. Johns Hopkins University – Maryland
  3. University of Washington – Seattle
  4. North Carolina University – Chapel Hill
  5. University of Iowa‘s College of Nursing
  6. Kaplan University -online University
  7. Indiana State University -online university
  8. University of Phoenix -online nursing degree program
  9. South University – online program
  10. Grand Canyon University

Other Top Nursing schools include:

  1. University of California, San Francisco
  2. University of Pennsylvania
  3. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  4. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  5. Oregon  Health and Science University
  6. University of Illinois – Chicago
  7. University of Maryland – Baltimore
  8. University of Pittsburg

You can select any of these campus based or online programs and enroll for your quality nursing degrees.