Registered Nurse Schools

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Registered Nurses are very important member of any health care team in long term units, hospitals, nursing homes and other health care centers. The position held by them also bears seniority over LPN and nursing aides. Their basic job responsibility includes task distributions among subordinates nursing professionals in the hospitals and, offering of nursing assistance to ailing or injured patients through multiple medical processes, such as ambulatory care, operating room, intensive care unit, health care clinics, physician’s office or some specialized practices.

But, in order to achieve such vital position in nursing field, an individual is required to complete nursing training program through accredited RN Nurse School for a degree and registration as an RN. The RN school also prepares him/her for NCPLEX-RN exam, the passing of which earn certification and title of RN.

There are different ways to obtain RN credentials and they include completion of nursing programs offered by numerous RN Nurse Schools, which can lead to RN degree, such as:

  • Associate degree in nursing
  • Bachelor’s of science degree in nursing
  • Nursing diploma

Associate degree in nursing

If a student plans to take the fasted route to become RN, he/she can complete the Associate’s Degree in Nursing, which takes 1-2 years for completion and offers diploma for entry level position as an RN.

Bachelor’s of science degree

Bachelor’s of science degree can be completed within 4 years and can be completed from various colleges and universities. The BSN degree also offers eligibility for advance nursing certifications and degrees.

Nursing Diploma

Nursing diploma is offered by hospitals in conjunction with colleges and takes 2-3 years for completion.

The student can also opt for 2 to 3 years RN to BSN Bridge program or 1 to 1.5 years Accelerated BSN programs. LPN to RN program also prepare you for an RN and takes 2-3 years for completion

The completion of the program allows you to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) exam for RN certification.

It is also necessary that before enrolling for any RN Nurse School, a student must remember few vital points and that include:

  • Accreditation of the program
  • Quality of the lectures and instructors
  • Specialization of the school
  • Location of the RN Nurse School
  • class schedule – days, evenings, weekends
  • Tuition Fees

If it is online program then, you must find out about its accreditation and clinical hands-on experience arrangements.

After completing any of these programs, you will need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) for certification and to start your career as a Registered Nurse.