Frankford Hospital School of Nursing

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Frankford Hospital School of Nursing also known as Aria Health School of Nursing was founded in the fall of 1904 as a training school, at 4918 Penn Street in Northeast Philadelphia, adjacent to Frankford Hospital, which was established in 1903. The nursing training school (FHSN) saw its inception under the direction of Frankford Hospital’s first superintendent, Anna C. Garrett, who wanted to provide quality training to aspiring students aiming to pursue nursing profession.

Through the years, Frankford Hospital School of Nursing developed into a co-educational institution and around 2,500 students have accrued knowledge in nursing field in over a century. Now the school popularly known as Aria Health School of Nursing continues offering excellence in diploma courses in the Delaware Valley.

Diploma in Nursing

Diploma in Nursing offered by the Aria Health School of Nursing is two-year, 10-month program, which can earn a Diploma in Nursing. The courses for this program include science, liberal arts, humanities, and elective courses, for which total 64 credits are provided and maximum of 73 credits can be earned through additional elective courses.

The program is completed in three levels, including the clinical nursing experience in the first level, which continues along with theory component of instruction. The hands-on experience focuses application of the nursing process and implementation of therapeutic intervention in an acute care facility, together with other healthcare settings.

The earning of diploma offers eligibility to appear for National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Further, the affiliation of the Aria Health School of Nursing with the Pennsylvania State University since the early 1970s also allows students to complete the college course work for an RN diploma at the School of Nursing.

The students can also avail an Associate Degree in Letters, Arts and Sciences, together with their RN by opting for few additional courses.

73 college credits or a maximum of 80 college credits are offered for the Associate Degree, which can be fully transferred to a BSN Degree. Penn State World Campus provides opportunities to students for obtaining achieve the Bachelor of Science Degree.

Admission Prerequisites

In order to get admission in Aria Health School of Nursing, an applicant needs to appear for the ATI TEAS entrance examination along with other requirements, such as five years or less since high-school graduate, completion of Introduction to Chemistry course with lab, earn a grade of C and obtain SAT scores of 1200 or above, with a minimum score of 400 in each section. Same rule applies to students possessing an Associate’s Degree or higher. High school grads needs to complete additional courses also in other college or universities including, Anatomy and Physiology I , Anatomy and Physiology II, English 101, English 102 and Psychology 101 and earn a minimum score of 400 in each section.

The programs of the school are accredited by National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).


Aria Health School of Nursing
4918 Penn Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124-2696
Ph: 215-831-6740