Nurse Aide Software

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To make life easier for the nurses who deal in keeping  the track of the school students with their regular visits,medications, vaccinations and screenings, the NURSE AIDE is a nurse friendly and comprehensive program, developed by a nurse. The speciality of this software is that it has NIC and NOC  classification system which is meant to create individual care plans and assures a complete documentaion.

The nurse aide software has many features and capabilities to consider. The entire information of a student , right from the personal contact details of the students to the medications, immunizations time of visits with health history and insurance, everything is a click away here.

The administrative features includes extensive customization of the items like

  • School demographics
  • Facility to customize a multitude of lists used in the program
  • Immunization customizations
  • NIC and NOC line items selection
  • Recording nurse’s administrative tasks
  • Database maintenance routines
  • Multiple user ID and security password protection
  • Group data changes based on selection criteria
  • Year-end processing functions

It requires MS windows 2000,XP, Vista or a higher version of Operating System with the minimum of 256  MB RAM and 800MHz processor. You can run this on your Mac using a Windows capability software.

If you want to install it in your work environment on a network, this will cost you $200 per computer for the number of 1 to 9 Pcs, however if you want ot connect 10 Pcs or more the price will be $150 per computer. There are other costs attached too like the NIC-NOC license fee which is optional. If you want to get annual support and updates on the software, you will be asked to pay $150 per computer after a year of the installation of the software. There is also a training program included to train you on the software, and that costs $699 per session. The prices mentioned here are valid till December 31st 2010.