Legal Nurse Consultant

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Legal Nurse Consultant can be defined as a registered nurse, who is well trained in nursing field and earned specialized training for consultations on cases related to medical issues. While an attorney is expert in the legal issues, Nurse consultant has expertise in health care issues, adeptly bridging the gap between the lawyer and patients, explaining the terminology of medical aspects to attorneys, because lawyer have expertise only on legal issues.

Therefore, Legal Nurse Consultant can be termed as a healthcare professional, expert in health care and its inner workings systems and, trained for offering consultation to attorneys’ on legal health care issue. They offer their services to attorneys for reading medical records to make lawyers understand the medical terminology and health care issue for achieving the best results for their clients. It is also claimed that Vickie Milazzo has the credit for pioneering this field.

The basic responsibilities of LNC include:

  • Offer knowledge and consultation on the medical terminology and health care issue to attorneys.
  • Review and read medical records
  • Screen Cases
  • Standards of care identification
  • Review existing literature and perform medical research
  • Making reports related to the extent of injury or illness
  • Assist attorneys with discoveries and demonstrative evidences
  • Locate or act as expert witnesses.

Legal Nurse Consultants also functions as an important member of litigation team, where their expert consultations and professionals contributions becomes the deciding point for achieving a fair and just outcome for all parties.

In order to become a LNC, one need not require BSN but active RN license is needed. There are also several courses and certifications that can prepare you for LNC. Few of the courses and trainings offer just basic education, whereas many courses train you comprehensively.

Long years of experience in this field and certification can offer you better earning prospect, where you can earn a fee of $125-$150/hour.